Love Grown Granola : Final Review

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my grandma. She is stubborn but all that matters is she’s okay 🙂 I will definitely let you all know recipes I use with the peanut flour and PB2 when the time comes.


First of all, lets cover dinner.

I literally just showed you guys a recipe that I hijacked from Chelsey but I used another one of her recipes again. It just sounded too good to pass up!




Quinoa Squash Balsamic Maple Glaze

Too bad I didn’t have an acorn squash to make it look as cool. Instead, I had regular squash so I sautéed them in the pan instead of the brussels. The brussel sprouts were actually microwaveable (shhhh…) and I threw them in at the last minute with the chickpeas.

Oh my gosh, I loved this. The sauce was super yummy and everything just blended perfectly. I’ve been looking for a new quinoa recipe and this was a winner. You all need to make it ASAP.



Here are some of my outfits from the past few days!

025  This picture has really good quality. I have skills. This is my lazy girl takes a midterm outfit. Long T-shirt, spandex, toms.


I do not consider workout/yoga clothes fashion, AT ALL. In fact, I consider it “scrubbbin” but since this is my favorite top I thought I’d share. I got this top at TJ Maxx surprisingly, and I love it. It’s stretchy, comfy, and I love the color:) They had so much workout wear there!


Sometimes a little cover-up sweater is enough to spruce up an outfit.

Tank from Target, cover from H & M. This post just reminded me how much I really need to go shopping.




Finally! So you may or may not know, but I got the chance to try out Love Grown Granola. I told you all I’d share my final thoughts on the products I received.


Beside the fact that they have an amazing story and passion, their products are all natural, gluten free, and free of anything unprocessed.

I try to eat mostly all unprocessed foods so this was perfect to read 🙂

My final verdict? Officially… OBSESSED.

Yeah, I said it. Each and every bag is almost gone. Already.

Mind you, I got this package exactly a week ago. (My mom has been eating it too so I’m not that crazy).

Apple Walnut Delight



I LOVED the little pieces of apple. It went perfectly with the coconut sheets and it was the perfect amount of sweetness and nuttiness.

Raisin Almond Crunch


Put raisins and almond together in one product? I am all over that. I think that is one of the best combos in the world and throw it in granola with coconut? I’m pretty sure I have no further explaining to do 🙂

Sweet Cranberry Pecan


This. was. my. favorite. I love anything cranberry. For some reason cranberries in granola is x20948299238 better than anything else with cranberries. I don’t normally eat pecans all that much but I think this bag made me want to eat them more. The pecans and cranberries were perfect together. They complemented each other so well and it was all around delicious.

Simply Oats


How can you go wrong with regular granola? You can’t. It is perfect to mix with anything your little heart desires. Any flavor granola, mix it in with cereal, put it on top of a baked good, the possibilities are endless. Loved the flavor of this just as much as the others.


As you all can see, I clearly hated every second of tasting this granola. Just. Kidding. It’s obvious how much I LOVED it all Winking smile

I give it a 100 out of 10. Hint: you all need to go get some.

Spread the Love! Thank you again Love Grown!! You guys are amazing.


Where do you get your workout clothes?

What is your favorite regular store for clothes?

What’d you have for dinner tonight?


Pecan-Crusted Orange Roughy

I finally went grocery shopping today. I feel like I JUST went and spent a million dollars but unfortunately there wasn’t much food in the house since last week.

How does that seem to happen? One second I swear I’m never food shopping again and that this shopping will last weeks, and before I know it I am scrounging around lucky to find a crumb in the house. Tell me this happens to everyone else?!

We’ve been out of veggies for a few days and I went through withdrawals. I am one of those weirdo’s that LOVES veggies and could eat a tub and be happy.



This is where the salad “beast” that you all refer to comes in. Romaine, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, banana peppers, veggie burger, cottage cheese, peanuts.

I tackled a bunch of my to-dos and finished making more pita chips before the pita got bad.

Anyways, onto dinner!

I wanted to share a recipe because it was super yummy. I bought Orange Roughy last week and this was the recipe on the back of the bag. This is DIRECTLY from Publix so I take no credit. Definitely worth sharing!


    1/4 c flour
    1/4 c. milk
    1/2 c chopped pecans
    1/2 c bread crumbs
    12 oz. Orange Roughy, thawed
    1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
    2 Tbsp. canola oil or cooking spray

1) Place flour in shallow bowl. Combine milk and egg in second bowl. Chop pecans finely; combine with bread crumbs in third bowl.

026029027I used whole wheat flour but you can use any.

028I used dairy-free milk and it was fine, but again you can use any.

2) Preheat large sauté pan on medium. Sprinkle fish with seasoned salt. Dredge in flour, dip in egg mixture, then dredge in pecan crumbs.

3) Add oil to pan; swirl to coat. Cook fish 2-3 minutes on each side until golden.


Source of Recipe: Publix Aprons Simple Meals

I made Brussel Sprouts and a baked potato on the side.


So good! It gave the fish a nice little crunch and spruced it up a bit. It was nice to have a change because fish can sometimes get a little bland. I made this all myself too 🙂

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night. Have a wonderful Friday loves!


How often do you go grocery shopping? (I feel like I’ve asked this before but oh well)

Do you like fish? If so what is your favorite?

Is anyone else a veggie weirdo like me? 🙂

Girly-ness and Guidelines

Happy Thursday! 😀

I hope you all enjoyed my WIAW post yesterday. I love reading everyone’s and discovering new blogs!

This is totally random but I painted my nails yesterday and I am in love with the color.



I have to be in the mood to wear red nail polish. I don’t know why but I got the craving to slap some on my nails so that I did 😉

I also actually got ready for school, instead of my usual comfy gym clothes. I swear I live in them.

It was nice to actually look like a girl for once, I really like getting dressed up but I am usually just way too lazy.


Jeans + the little over half sleeve sweater thing made me sweat like crazy in the FL heat, but it was worth it:D



Please don’t mind the stain on my boob. I’m pretty sure it was water, I’m just a slob –___-

The hair stayed up because there’s no point in frying it with the straightener for it to become an afro in .23 seconds.


Here is my breakfast from yesterday, since I didn’t post last night!



This looked pretty and I really wanted to put it on the blog. Although, you guys have probably seen cereal more times than you can count on your fingers. I’m getting MUCH better with my picture taking skills and I get excited when a picture comes out good!! 😀 Noob much?!


Yesterday was my strength training day plus the little bit of cardio I always do. I am ALWAYS looking for new strength training routines. What better way to find new and amazing ones than from BLOGS?!

I’m always looking out for ones that catch my eye and turns out Julie posted one here just a couple days ago that I wanted to try out.

I modified the treadmill routine though and it looked like this:

First of all, I walked the first two minutes and then accidently pulled the emergency plug. I do this ALL the time. So annoying!!! Not a big deal, it was only two minutes so I started over from the beginning.




0-2 (First attempt)



0-2 (Feel free to skip)

































I loved this! I felt really good today and strong. When I got to the gym (I went to my mini gym) both of the treadmills were taken so I actually did this run in between my strength training.

I completed Julie’s strength workout that complemented this run and added in a 50 squats and 50 plié squats right before the pushups.

I really felt the burn and I felt strong with my strength too!!


I had to meet my mom at an apartment complex so we could look around. Our lease is up the end of October and we’re not sure if we want to stay here or move. Where we live now is a big expensive and it would be nice to get a cheaper price. On the other hand, we really love our unit and it feels home-y to us. So looking around will help us decide!

After going on the tour, my mom wanted Chinese food. I don’t eat it that often because I like eating home better and Chinese food usually has a lot of sodium but once in a while it’s a treat!

We ordered wonton soup to start, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Then we ordered chicken, steamed veggies, brown rice, and some sauce on the side.


It was actually super healthy and delicious 🙂

Things I knew when ordering at a Chinese restaurant:

  • Look for grilled or sautéed, not fried.
  • Steamed veggies, no oil.
  • Brown rice instead of white or fried.
  • Appetizers are usually fried so I skip (eggrolls for example).
  • Sauce on the side since they usually drown the food in it.
  • Lighter soups like wonton instead of the heavier ones.
  • Anything free usually isn’t too healthy but a small portion definitely won’t hurt!

Those are my main guidelines I follow! At any restaurant I do this too.

Now I’m off to school, then it’s weekend time baby!


Do you have guidelines to follow while eating out?

If you like nail polish, what’s your favorite color to wear?

Do you usually dress up or stay comfy?