New Goodies and a Scare


Good afternoon 😀 I thought I’d start this post with a picture of a very beautiful creature. What else is new? I’m obsessed and convinced I need to go to doggie rehab.

Whew, I feel like I have a lot to talk about! I take a mini break from blogging to try and be a good student to study for a test, but then it backfires and I feel like I have missed too much 🙂

Lets start with yesterday shall we?

A couple of days ago, I decided to order something of iHerb. I had never ordered anything from there but have been wanting to try a few things. I decided not to go way too overboard and only order two things.


PB2 and peanut flour. Yes, they are both from the peanut family which I didn’t even notice until after I made the purchase. What can I say? I love peanut butter:)

Peanut flour is a flower made from peanuts which is gluten free and has a very high protein content. I am excited to try it!

PB2 on the other hand, is peanut butter in powder form. It has the fat and oil removed from it and is only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons.

I have only tried the PB2 so far. My verdict? It’s pretty good, but as a hardcore peanut butter lover, it isn’t my favorite. I love how you can eat peanut butter straight from a spoon, whereas PB2 has pretty much the same taste but not the same. If ya know what I mean. Nothing really compares to the real thang 😉 I still like it though, and will definitely make use of it, trust me!

iHerb also added in a few extra goodies into the package which I was not expecting.


I have no idea what any of these things are, but hey they were free so fine with me.

OH! Plus, if you have never ordered from iHerb before, I have a special code for you all to get $5 off! They literally have everything so I recommend you check it out.

Code: QAV545



I didn’t get to the gym till around 6 pm last night which is a lot later than usual for me. Yesterday was my strength training day so my mom and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill to start. I completed this hilly workout but cut out the first five minutes. It’s a good one! Afterwards, we completed this strength routine that I came up with beforehand.

For the combined sets, you do the workouts simultaneously. For the supersets, you do them one after the other then rest. Each workout is 15 reps, 3 sets.

  • Combined Set 1- Deadlift + Upright Row with a Calf Raise. Basically you do the deadlift and go straight into the upright row on your toes, then repeat.
  • Superset 2- Squat swing with a dumbell (like kettle bell) with a jump + Bicep 21s.
  • Combined Set 3- One arm overhead shoulder press + Lunge (use the same leg, same shoulder).
  • Superset 4- Chest Press + Triceps (overhead)
  • Set 5- 1 minute regular plank, 30 second right side plank, 30 second left side plank.

Short but effective workout. Just how I like it.


Fast forward to this morning:

I was up late last night and up early as well studying for my midterm. My mom decided to be super nice and make me breakfast 😀


Omelet, a piece of ww toast with some butter, and a mini turkey sausage. Perfect fuel for my test, and a good change up from my regular weekday oats or yogurt.

I finished my test in 20 minutes. Seriously. But now it is the weekend so that made me super happy:)

After class I had a good hour or so before the Bikram yoga class I wanted to take. My tummy was rumbling so I decided to make myself a snack to fill me up, but not be too heavy.

Insert, pumpkin protein muffin from Chelsey.



I didn’t have ground flax for the “flax egg” but I decided to use wheat germ instead. I do not think they relate to each other in any way but I didn’t know what else to do. My stomach was yelling at me to hurry up and who the f cares how I make the flax egg. I decided to roll with it and it still came out good!! Maybe a little soft, but yummy nonetheless.

Anything with pumpkin is bound to be delicious. I topped it with some PB2 (much better on this muffin than alone), cherry preserves, and shredded coconut. YUM! The perfect amount for before yoga. Thanks again Chelsey 😀



Family Scare

Once I got into my car after yoga, I had a missed call and a text from my mom. It said that my grandma was in the hospital. I immediately freaked out, pretty much hyperventilated, and called my mom 792 times with no answer. I just sat there and prayed to God she was alright and to please watch over her.

My mom finally called me back and sounded normal. I was expecting hysterically crying, yelling, something but nope she sounded fine. I was confused and she told me that my grandma just had surgery done for her cataracts without telling us. I burst into tears (mind you, I NEVER cry) and told my mom I thought she had a heart attack, was dying, or something very severe. My mom kind of chuckled and felt really bad that she scared me but I just thanked God that she was okay.

My grandma is VERY stubborn and does not like to rely on anyone for anything. She grew up constantly taking care of her younger sister and was pretty much the authority figure. She refuses to ask us for anything, but always gives us everything. My grandma is my hero and I look up to her in so many ways. I know she knows how much I appreciate everything she has done for me, but I need to take more time to really show her how much I care. It is a very littler thing compared to all she has done.

This scare just made me realize that I NEED to start calling her every day. I also need to start calling my Dad and Brother more too. Sometimes we go weeks without talking to each other AT ALL. At least I talk to my brother via twitter and facebook (sad I know) and my mom I live with, but I barely ever hear from my dad or my grandma.

You never really know when something could happen, or when your life, or a loved ones life could come to an end. I really don’t mean to end this post on an upsetting note, but it is definitely something to think about.

New Goal: Call my loved ones A LOT more often. Tell them I love them everyday 🙂 Fam[ily] is everything. Blood is thicker than water.

Okay, I’m done:P

This post ended up being SUPER long, thanks to those of you who read through it! I know my attention span is like a goldfish’s at times (.25 milliseconds), so I’m sure some of you are the same.


Have you ever tried PB2?

For those of you who have peanut flour, give me ideas of what to do with it! 🙂

How often do you talk to your family that you don’t live with?

What are your tactics to remind yourself to call?


One for One–Toms

Yesterday turned out to be a really great day!

I woke up a later than usual and lounged around the house the entire morning. Sometimes it is necessary to have a lazy morning. Sunday’s seem to be the perfect day to do that around here ;D

I got started on “breakfast” around 11:30. I wanted something different for a change so I decided to make Julie’s Pumpkin Protein Pancakes. I’m not a huge pancake fan but I wanted to give it a whirl and I loved them!




They may look a little burnt but they didn’t taste it at all. They were so filling!!! The protein definitely contributed to that.

After brunch, a little house hunting happened. I think we found a really nice place to live because our lease here ends in October. It is cheaper to.. win-win!

I’ve been eyeing “Toms” for a long time so we went over to the mall to scope some out. The first time I went to whole foods and they didn’t have my size.


Found ‘em! Toms is great because not only are they SUPER comfy, but they give a pair of shoes to a child in need every time someone buys a pair. Such a great concept. More companies should really do this.





They had a huge variety of colors, sparkly, and prints but I stuck with black because it matches everything. I’m so exciting 😉 Next time I’ll definitely get a fun one!

After shopping a while, it was time for a little pick me up.


Iced coffee with pumpkin spice pumps. Yum! First one of the season.

It was a rainy and dreary day but still nice. After getting home and doing some laundry and other necessities, we had a nice dinner.


Steak, ‘shrooms, roasted potatoes, and green beans. I LOVE mushrooms I don’t know why I don’t get them more often! I rarely ever roast potatoes either I’m not sure why?



Then of course, I relaxed on the couch with this gorgeous boy.


Must’ve had a tough day ;P

I’m not going to the gym till later this evening  and right now I have school. Yay for learning! ;D

Catch ya later! ❤


What was the best part of your Sunday?

What is something you don’t do often but love?

Have you had your first Pumpkin Spice Coffee of the season yet?

Biscoff and Whole Foods

Hello loves! How’s your weekend going? 😀

I just got home from being out all day and am getting ready for church.


About a week or two ago I found something amazing at the store.


Whoever has not tried this yet, drop everything you’re doing and go get some. I’m not kidding it is out of this world. I wasn’t sure what it was and I was expecting to be like a peanut butter, but it is actually made out of biscoff cookies. It is sweet and delicious and tastes like dessert. Apparently, it is the Europeans alternative to peanut butter. People in Europe also eat nutella so if that stuff isn’t addicting enough, this is the new deal.

I’ve been wanting to come up with a recipe for baking with this spread for a while and last night after dinner I really was in the mood to bake. However, I got lazy and didn’t feel like experimenting in the kitchen at 9 o’clock at night. So what did I do? Looked up a recipe of course 🙂 Two clicks and I’m there. I used this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. I followed the recipe exactly except I cut it in half, so head over there and check it out if you’re interested! Here are pictures of the process.


Dry oatmeal mix


Wet Mix with oatmeal beaten in


Place in fridge for 30 minutes


Be careful when placing on sheet because they came out HUGE next time I’d use less for each cookie


Ta da ;D Yum! I thought the biscoff would be a little more noticeable but it was still deelish.

Next time I have enough time, I’ll definitely come up with a new recipe so stay tuned! In the meantime, buy this spread and enjoy it. Warning: it is dangerous.


This morning I slept in till NINE and it was wonderful. That is late to me these days, pretty sad. After relaxing and a light breakfast, it was gym time!

I did 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill.

  • 2 minute warm up
  • 20 seconds @ 9.0
  • 40 seconds @ 4.5
  • 2 minute cool down

I then took my favorite yoga class and it was amazing.

After that, we stopped in the mall because I needed new pillows and I wanted TOMS. There were none in the mall so we stopped at Whole Foods and they didn’t have my size.

I’m a tall girl so I wear a big size and my right foot is bigger than my left –___-


I LOVE that this was outside of Whole Foods. I got so excited, so cute!

It was also around lunchtime so this happened.


$26 lunch for my mom and I. It was totally worth it Smile with tongue out

We had a few things to pick up so we got that before heading home.


Kombucha and 4 for $5 Lara bars.. score!

Now it’s time for church! I’ve been sitting here blogging with a towel on my head.


Do you like kombucha? Favorite one?

Have you tried Biscoff spread?

Favorite way to eat it if you have?

Favorite Lara bar flavor?


Probably wondering if I made a typo, huh?

Well I didn’t! What I Ate Wordless Wednesday.

Yes there may be words right now, but this is what happens when you are super busy and running late for school but still care about your blog more 🙂

Here it goes!





Made with :





Very similar to Courtney’s with a little modification. Check hers out for a recipe and do what you’d like to it!

*Insert workout here*

Post-Sweat Sesh





Mexican style salad monster topped with cottage cheese & turkey, beans, corn, and a crap ton of veggies.

Probably un-pictured dessert I can’t remember.

Gotta run! Have an AMAZING Wednesday ❤

What was the best thing you ate?

Favorite salad topping?

It’s About Time


Oh yeah Winking smile The last time I went to the store, I knew I had to get this. Weird thing is I usually see pumpkin at my store all year long. I don’t buy it all that often in the summer so since I’m pretending it’s fall already, I had to buy it.


Yes, it is still 200 degrees Fahrenheit here in Florida with a 99.9% humidity. I still am way too excited for fall to wait till it cools off because honestly that could take forever.

What did I do with that pumpkin you may ask?



Obviously I went there. But these weren’t any old pumpkin oats. I added something a little extra. Check out these oats on Tina’s blog.

Yes, I added coffee. You guys may have noticed my coffee addiction on the blog, and well I just knew this would be an opportunity to get an extra fix.

Let me tell you. These. Were. Amazing.

It was kind of like a pumpkin coffee latte in oat form Winking smile

Please try and convince me that you don’t want to try this. I know you do.

All you do is make your oats regular on the stovetop I used :

  • 1/2 C Rolled Oats
  • 1/4 C Water
  • 1/4 C Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1/2 thinly sliced banana
  • Generous dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of ginger
  • Pinch of nutmeg

Bring it to a boil and let it soak some of the liquid. Reduce heat so it’s not going crazy then towards the end when you get it to your desired consistency add :

  • about 1/3 C pumpkin (or however much you want)
  • 2 T coffee
  • I added vanilla liquid stevia
  • a tiny bit more cinnamon
  • a bit more milk

Oh yeah, I FINALLY got stevia too Open-mouthed smile


In love. I’ve waited too long for this.

I took the oats off the heat and let it sit for a couple minutes to get it a little bit thicker.

Then I topped with a few dried blueberries, and a spoonful of almond butter.


Heaven. Props to Tina for the coffee idea!



Although it’s my day off from school, I decided to wake up early so I could take a full body works class at my gym. Since school has started, I’ve had to workout later in the day more often than usual, and I haven’t been able to take as much fitness classes.

I love lifting my own weights and challenging myself, but I do like to take classes because they truly are fun and give me a break and keep myself from getting bored.

I completed 10 minutes of interval training on the treadmill with 5 minutes of incline walking for a cool down. I also did about 20 minutes on the elliptical before the class started. The instructor that teaches the class is AWESOME. It makes ALL the difference! She switches exercises letting us know when we should use our light weights and heavy weights and always does different things each time in the class.

I love when instructors switch up the routine because it really challenges me and teaches me something new. She did many things that I have never done before or seen before and I love that I learn something that I can do on my own as well!

When I was in the class, I realized that I can really see definition in my arms. When I first started to go to the gym back in my freshman year of high school, I took a weights class every Tuesday and Thursday with the same instructor.

It was a GREAT class don’t get me wrong, but it was a lot of reps and I was only using 5lbs for my heavy weights and 3lbs for my light. It was a great way to start off, but I NEVER tried anything new. I went to that class like clockwork and eventually even knew the routine by heart.

I could have probably taught the class myself. I loved the routine and I always felt great afterward, but I wasn’t seeing much results. Sure, I was seeing some and definitely kept my figure in tact, but I never really saw definition.

Now a days, I lift heavy weights. When I’m in a class I used at least 10lbs for my heavy and usually 7.5lbs for my lights. Sometimes I use only 5lbs which is fine but ever since I really started to lift weights, that’s when I saw results.

My friends actually used to call me noodle arms back in high school. While I’m a tall girl and have very long arms, I also have long muscles so it’s hard to see my strength. Ever since I started to lift heavy weights, I can see more muscles than I thought I even had.

skinny arms

Me back in high school, noodle arms and all.

My back muscles are much more defined and my shoulder’s definitely are. Even my biceps have gotten more defined. I will NEVER have bulky arms, and lifting heavy weights will never give me bulky arms! Many women have a misconception about heavy weights, but I promise you will just get super toned and never big.

I still have skinnier arms than maybe most people, but I know I am STRONG. I can see my muscles and I know I can use them to lift heavy too.

Don’t be afraid of heavy weights. I can’t stress this enough! I have learned that they are super beneficial and though this is what works for ME only, it may work for one of you too! You never know until you try. Just be patient. Soon enough your “heavy” weights will feel light and that is a great feeling, a great sense of accomplishment. I love that feeling.



It’s a little hard to see because of the lighting, but you get the idea!

I’ve also seen a change in my abs. I have always had a flat stomach. Always. However, I never saw any definition in them. No matter what I did I couldn’t get them to looked “toned” they were always just flat. I never had a problem with that I just wanted to see if I could accomplish getting my stomach toned too.


More cardio and lifting heavier weights has really helped my abs in the long run. I don’t focus on doing so much ab work such as crunches and stuff like that, but I focus more on my core and contracting my abs while running and strength training. That alone gives me a great ab workout. Plus things like planks and push-ups are much better than doing 30 minutes of crunches every day.

The lighting is still awful, but I’m finally starting to see those “v-lines” and more muscles in my upper abs. I also have no problem sharing these pictures, I am all about openness and honesty around here Smile

Do you lift heavy weights?

What is something that you accomplished and are proud of?

Have you tried stevia?