New Goodies and a Scare


Good afternoon 😀 I thought I’d start this post with a picture of a very beautiful creature. What else is new? I’m obsessed and convinced I need to go to doggie rehab.

Whew, I feel like I have a lot to talk about! I take a mini break from blogging to try and be a good student to study for a test, but then it backfires and I feel like I have missed too much 🙂

Lets start with yesterday shall we?

A couple of days ago, I decided to order something of iHerb. I had never ordered anything from there but have been wanting to try a few things. I decided not to go way too overboard and only order two things.


PB2 and peanut flour. Yes, they are both from the peanut family which I didn’t even notice until after I made the purchase. What can I say? I love peanut butter:)

Peanut flour is a flower made from peanuts which is gluten free and has a very high protein content. I am excited to try it!

PB2 on the other hand, is peanut butter in powder form. It has the fat and oil removed from it and is only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons.

I have only tried the PB2 so far. My verdict? It’s pretty good, but as a hardcore peanut butter lover, it isn’t my favorite. I love how you can eat peanut butter straight from a spoon, whereas PB2 has pretty much the same taste but not the same. If ya know what I mean. Nothing really compares to the real thang 😉 I still like it though, and will definitely make use of it, trust me!

iHerb also added in a few extra goodies into the package which I was not expecting.


I have no idea what any of these things are, but hey they were free so fine with me.

OH! Plus, if you have never ordered from iHerb before, I have a special code for you all to get $5 off! They literally have everything so I recommend you check it out.

Code: QAV545



I didn’t get to the gym till around 6 pm last night which is a lot later than usual for me. Yesterday was my strength training day so my mom and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill to start. I completed this hilly workout but cut out the first five minutes. It’s a good one! Afterwards, we completed this strength routine that I came up with beforehand.

For the combined sets, you do the workouts simultaneously. For the supersets, you do them one after the other then rest. Each workout is 15 reps, 3 sets.

  • Combined Set 1- Deadlift + Upright Row with a Calf Raise. Basically you do the deadlift and go straight into the upright row on your toes, then repeat.
  • Superset 2- Squat swing with a dumbell (like kettle bell) with a jump + Bicep 21s.
  • Combined Set 3- One arm overhead shoulder press + Lunge (use the same leg, same shoulder).
  • Superset 4- Chest Press + Triceps (overhead)
  • Set 5- 1 minute regular plank, 30 second right side plank, 30 second left side plank.

Short but effective workout. Just how I like it.


Fast forward to this morning:

I was up late last night and up early as well studying for my midterm. My mom decided to be super nice and make me breakfast 😀


Omelet, a piece of ww toast with some butter, and a mini turkey sausage. Perfect fuel for my test, and a good change up from my regular weekday oats or yogurt.

I finished my test in 20 minutes. Seriously. But now it is the weekend so that made me super happy:)

After class I had a good hour or so before the Bikram yoga class I wanted to take. My tummy was rumbling so I decided to make myself a snack to fill me up, but not be too heavy.

Insert, pumpkin protein muffin from Chelsey.



I didn’t have ground flax for the “flax egg” but I decided to use wheat germ instead. I do not think they relate to each other in any way but I didn’t know what else to do. My stomach was yelling at me to hurry up and who the f cares how I make the flax egg. I decided to roll with it and it still came out good!! Maybe a little soft, but yummy nonetheless.

Anything with pumpkin is bound to be delicious. I topped it with some PB2 (much better on this muffin than alone), cherry preserves, and shredded coconut. YUM! The perfect amount for before yoga. Thanks again Chelsey 😀



Family Scare

Once I got into my car after yoga, I had a missed call and a text from my mom. It said that my grandma was in the hospital. I immediately freaked out, pretty much hyperventilated, and called my mom 792 times with no answer. I just sat there and prayed to God she was alright and to please watch over her.

My mom finally called me back and sounded normal. I was expecting hysterically crying, yelling, something but nope she sounded fine. I was confused and she told me that my grandma just had surgery done for her cataracts without telling us. I burst into tears (mind you, I NEVER cry) and told my mom I thought she had a heart attack, was dying, or something very severe. My mom kind of chuckled and felt really bad that she scared me but I just thanked God that she was okay.

My grandma is VERY stubborn and does not like to rely on anyone for anything. She grew up constantly taking care of her younger sister and was pretty much the authority figure. She refuses to ask us for anything, but always gives us everything. My grandma is my hero and I look up to her in so many ways. I know she knows how much I appreciate everything she has done for me, but I need to take more time to really show her how much I care. It is a very littler thing compared to all she has done.

This scare just made me realize that I NEED to start calling her every day. I also need to start calling my Dad and Brother more too. Sometimes we go weeks without talking to each other AT ALL. At least I talk to my brother via twitter and facebook (sad I know) and my mom I live with, but I barely ever hear from my dad or my grandma.

You never really know when something could happen, or when your life, or a loved ones life could come to an end. I really don’t mean to end this post on an upsetting note, but it is definitely something to think about.

New Goal: Call my loved ones A LOT more often. Tell them I love them everyday 🙂 Fam[ily] is everything. Blood is thicker than water.

Okay, I’m done:P

This post ended up being SUPER long, thanks to those of you who read through it! I know my attention span is like a goldfish’s at times (.25 milliseconds), so I’m sure some of you are the same.


Have you ever tried PB2?

For those of you who have peanut flour, give me ideas of what to do with it! 🙂

How often do you talk to your family that you don’t live with?

What are your tactics to remind yourself to call?


Friday Favorites Round Two

Happy Friday! 

This morning I went to the gym and covered 3.20 miles on the treadmill before taking a full body strength training class.

I used this workout from Courtney as a base but didn’t have time to do the full 44 minutes. Instead I cut a bit out and it turned out like this.





































That was all I had time for but I felt really good today!


Now I present another round of my:




This one is a Bikram Yoga pose. I feel strong when I do this!

Standing Bow Pose.


Too bad I don’t look ANYTHING like this. This is more like me:


That’s more like it. I love anything dealing with balance. I seem to balance pretty well while doing it and it’s a good stretch.



I saw this on Holly’s blog the other day and had to try it. I recently got a bag of candy corn because I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not. That is how long it’s been since I even tried it or thought of it for that matter.


Super sweet on it’s own but I like it. Not my favorite candy in the world. But…. when you pair it with these…


It is legit crack! Such a winning combo. You all need to try it NOW. I do about four or five salted peanuts to one candy corn.





Love this purse! I think it would be adorable for fall.


I’d consider this umbrella fashionable. Haha I thought it was funny!



Your love is a song- Switchfoot

Nothing- The Script

These are both slow but they’ve been in my head like everyday!



hahaha tree 


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs





What are YOU loving this week?

Any exciting weekend plans?

Yoga, Eats, and Fashion

Hey everyone!

I feel like I haven’t posted in years but it has only been since yesterday morning. I’ll use today’s post to catch up on what I haven’t shared with you all the past couple of days.

Tuesday night I did something new to me. Bikram Yoga. For those of you who have no idea what it is, basically it is yoga that goes through 26 “bikram poses” in a HOT room. I mean hot people, as in over 100 degrees hot. You can read more about it here.

I’ve been dying to try it and have heard of all the benefits and how great it is. I have seen it on Clare’s blog many times and it has sparked my interest.

Turns out there is a studio near my house so I went and they had a great beginners special. I paid for my first class and then ended up deciding that it was worth it to buy the special. Two weeks unlimited yoga for only $50. Not to shabby!

I am going to take bikram about 3 times a week for the next two weeks. I know they say you need to take it a lot more in order to get the “full benefits” but for now that is fine with me. In between days, I am going to do my usual weights + a bit of cardio session. I love my longer runs on Tues and Thurs normally, but I want a change and a challenge! So I will get back to that in two weeks!!

I don’t want to go too into detail because I want to write a recap post about my final thoughts on the class. In that post I will go into detail about how I felt, if I love it or hate it, etc.

I’ll give you guys a hint though: I survived and have gone more than once so far 🙂


This is post first bikram session. I honestly felt a little drunk and probably look it in this picture. That’s all for now I just wanted to give you all a sneak peak;)


Here are a few of my eats from the past couple of days. Honestly, very repetitive but some of you may want to see so here ya go.

012 Oats concoction #1: Peaches, prunes, cottage cheese, banana, PB. Simple enough.


Oats concoction #2: Chia seeds, pumpkin, banana, PB. Lighting from my desk lamp is no bueno. That’s what happens when you have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn.


Tomatoes and goat cheese = win. I could’ve had like 7x that broccoli but I had to share :/


What a pretty color 🙂 Mango, raspberries, pineapple, protein.

That’s it! On another note, someone mentioned if I ever though about posting fashion and what I am wearing.

I won’t go as far into making a whole page right now but it definitely is something I have thought about. I figured for now I can show you all stuff I am wearing if I am not in my usual gym attire 😉 Hey, sometimes you just need to scrub and be comfy. But trust me, I’m all about getting dressed up and looking halfway decent cute.

So… here is an outfit from this week! Nothing special.


Top is a bit see through from Forever 21, I wore a bando underneath, jeans, shoes from payless I think! They have some cute stuff in there sometimes:) Watch from NY & Company, rings, and bag from Nordstrom.

017 018

My hair is all nat-ur-al. Way too lazy to straighten it. This picture is SO much better than the first one. Ha! Crazy what make-up can do for us girls Winking smile


Have you ever tried Bikram? Love it or hate it?

If you had to pick ONE, would you dress for comfort or style?

This is really random but:

Does anyone watch America’s Next Top Model?


New Creations and a New Workout

For some reason I feel like I have so much information to relay to you all right now. I’m probably over exaggerating as usual ;D

Okay, so before I get to what I really want to talk about, I have a new smoothie recipe for you all. I understand I just had a blog post about fall and what I love about it and then I turn around and make a summer salad. Now I am turning around and making smoothie bowls. I’m obviously as indecisive as it gets but since I live in Florida and it is still warm, I have an excuse:)



Into the mix went:

  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 Frozen Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Frozen Mango
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

It’s as easy as that. It was awesome. Topped with some granola and Quaker oatmeal squares.



My workout today was intervals on the treadmill and a lower body workout. I can’t tell you how long it has been since I last focused ONLY on my legs at the gym. I usually do a full UPPER body workout or I do a FULL BODY workout. My legs were craving some attention!

Quick Treadmill Interval Workout



1-3 4.0
3-8:30 20 sec @ 9.0, 40 sec @ 4.5
8:30-10 4.5
10-20 20 sec @ 10.0, 60 sec @ 4.5

I then walked for about 4 more minutes at 4.5 speed and a 12.0 incline. I finished 2.30 miles in total.

Lower Body Workout

Adapted from Fitnessista.

  • Lunges (15 on each side)
  • Jump Squats
  • Calf Raises (15)
  • Hip Thrusters (15)
  • Jumping Lunges (30 seconds)
  • Sumo Deadlift (15)
  • One legged Deadlift (15 each leg)

I repeated this twice and upped my weight by 5 lbs. each time.

Already feelin’ it! I foam rolled once I got home:)



The other day at the store, I picked up a whole wheat pizza dough from the Publix Bakery and today was the last day we could use it before it went bad.

Homemade pizza was on the agenda for tonight!

I LOVED pizza when I was younger but as I grew older I pretty much stopped eating it because I thought it was too fattening. Ridiculous, I know. However, I love making pizza at home because you can put whatever you want on it and it comes out extra delicious to me!


Add sauce


Add cheese


Fresh Tomatoes


Leftover chicken sausage


Spinach & Spices

Put into a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.



















Now, if only I didn’t forget to spray the pan with cooking spray, it would’ve turned out perfect. I am still a natural blonde so yes I really did forget. It was still good even though some of the crust got stuck 🙂


Time for gossip girl and dancing with the stars!


Favorite show right now?

Do you make pizza at home?

Do you split up your strength workouts or do total body?

Baked Apples


Last night was a simple dinner kind a night. I found a new brand of chicken sausages at Publix and picked them up because they were on sale. Hey, I love a sale! Cooked them up, microwaved the sweet potato, and microwaved these steam in bag green beans (which are honestly so good).

If that isn’t a lazy dinner, I don’t know what is. Sometimes you just need a lazy dinner:) It was still just as good as any other! The microwave can work wonders.

After dinner I came up with a  brilliant idea.

Baked Apples.

Oh yes. I got out some honey crisp and cored them with a knife. It was really hard but I made it through.


I put them in a baking dish with some water on the bottom. I put some lemon juice, butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger into the apples. Put them in the oven at 400 degrees and baked for about 35 minutes.


I think I win the contest for making food look horrendous and taking the ugliest picture. Don’t be fooled though.



It was super yummy! The apples were soft, warm, and kind of tasted like a hot homemade applesauce. Except not as liquid-y. I wanted to use Gala apples honestly but took the wrong ones out of the drawer.

This is fall. I’m pretty sure you should make baked apples sometime this season. they are SO easy to make!

I am not off to school to feed my little brain with knowledge.

If you missed anything from this weekend check it out! Have a wonderful Monday 8)

Relaxing Sunday

Decorating and Good Eats

Beginning of Fall

Pecan-Crusted Orange Roughy

Friday Favorites


Have you ever made baked apples?


What is your favorite seasonal thing to make?

Relaxing Sunday

This morning I slept till 8:45. Hallelujah. Compared to my weekday 5 am wake-up calls, that is glorious. Today is my REST day. That means no working out and letting my body recover from all the workouts I put it through during the week:) I lounged around, sipped on some coffee, then got to work on breakfast.

I’ve been craving something with blueberries I am not really sure why. I contemplated on making pancakes, French toast, or something to that nature but I remembered seeing this recipe on Courtney’s blog a while back.

I printed it out and had all the ingredients! Except the buttermilk but used the lemon juice and milk trick. I also only had plain Greek yogurt instead of Vanilla flavored but it worked like a charm. I highly recommend heading over to her blog and making these muffins right now because they were AWESOME. Thanks Courtney! They definitely didn’t taste “healthy” but they absolutely were. Win!

For all of you who like a visual, I took pictures of the process:

Dry Ingredients


Gently Stir in Blueberries


Add In Wet Ingredients


Mix ONLY until combined


Place in Muffin Tray


Bake (Mine took about 15:30 minutes)










Seriously these muffins were amazing!


I HAD to top with some almond butter because I just got this new Barney butter at the store. One of the best nut butters ever.

Obviously peaches on the side 8)



After breakfast, it was time to take Bentley to the dog park!!


Yay! He was excited to go “bye bye car”.


I’m such a good photographer. Jealous of my skills? I could’ve sworn I was looking at the camera…


His tongue grows like 20 feet long when he is hot and thirsty! I love it.


The dog park we go to is part of a HUGE park. It is so pretty there! It has a 5 mile loop for running, different fields for sports like baseball, golf, etc. Everyone goes there to bike, run, rollerblade, etc. I can’t wait for it to cool off so I can run here!


This cracks me up. He was obviously a huge hit at the doggie park 😉 I don’t think he likes getting his butt sniffed so he sat. Can you blame him? He’s a pre-Madonna. Wonder where he gets that from?

It was poppin’ today! There were so many cute doggies running around and having a great time. I am in love with dogs and I want more. I think I cried to my mom telling her we need to go puppy shopping.


I need to get him an agent. I don’t understand how something can be this beautiful. I’m crazy, I know.


He hates me.


That tongue.

It was TOO HOT outside. Cool front my a**. I guess it was cooler by like one degree. Instead of 98 it was probably 97. I’m too impatient and want cool weather now ;D Bentley had a blast but was super hot and tired so we decided to go home a while later.


Now he loves me<3


He took the BIGGEST nap when we got home. Snoring and all. I’d call that a success!

While he was asleep, we did the only logical thing to do in Florida.


Went shopping. Now I’m about to drown myself in homework:) I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend!



If you have a dog, do you take him or her to the dog park?

Favorite thing to bake?

What do your weekend breakfasts look like?

Best part of your weekend?

Beginning of Fall

Today is the first day of my favorite time of the year. I love the months of October, November, and December. It really is the happiest time of the year to me. There’s just so many things to be excited about and to look forward to! Here are what really gets me excited:

1. Decorating



I LOVE decorating for the holidays. It is just so fun and it makes the house more joyful!

2. Holidays


Halloween. I love how cute it is, the costumes, the candy, the “spooky” movies. It’s just a cute holiday.



















Obviously I’m sure everyone loves the food part of this holiday but my favorite is really the family time. I feel like we don’t realize how much we are truly blessed and this holiday is really a reminder of all that we have. It’s the perfect time to spend with family and I love that.


Christmas. This holiday just really puts me in the “jolliest” mood. I don’t know what it is about it but it is such a happy time! Decorating is definitely the best. This is another great holiday to spend with family and show you how blessed you are. It is not all about the presents. I could get NO presents and be fine.

3. The Weather

fall weather

Here in Florida we do not get any leaves or snow unfortunately but it is MUCH cooler than usual. I love it because it’s great to run outside, keep the windows and doors open, and definitely good hair weather 😉

4. Fashion




I love dark nail polish! Another great thing is scarves<3, pants, boots!, jackets, and so much more.

5. Food

Duh. Everything warm! Hot oatmeal, soups, hot coffee, hot chocolate, BAKED GOODS, PUMPKIN, apples! I love baking and cannot wait to bake my little toosh off this season:)





Happy October 1st! 😀


What is YOUR favorite thing about the fall season?

Pecan-Crusted Orange Roughy

I finally went grocery shopping today. I feel like I JUST went and spent a million dollars but unfortunately there wasn’t much food in the house since last week.

How does that seem to happen? One second I swear I’m never food shopping again and that this shopping will last weeks, and before I know it I am scrounging around lucky to find a crumb in the house. Tell me this happens to everyone else?!

We’ve been out of veggies for a few days and I went through withdrawals. I am one of those weirdo’s that LOVES veggies and could eat a tub and be happy.



This is where the salad “beast” that you all refer to comes in. Romaine, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, banana peppers, veggie burger, cottage cheese, peanuts.

I tackled a bunch of my to-dos and finished making more pita chips before the pita got bad.

Anyways, onto dinner!

I wanted to share a recipe because it was super yummy. I bought Orange Roughy last week and this was the recipe on the back of the bag. This is DIRECTLY from Publix so I take no credit. Definitely worth sharing!


    1/4 c flour
    1/4 c. milk
    1/2 c chopped pecans
    1/2 c bread crumbs
    12 oz. Orange Roughy, thawed
    1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
    2 Tbsp. canola oil or cooking spray

1) Place flour in shallow bowl. Combine milk and egg in second bowl. Chop pecans finely; combine with bread crumbs in third bowl.

026029027I used whole wheat flour but you can use any.

028I used dairy-free milk and it was fine, but again you can use any.

2) Preheat large sauté pan on medium. Sprinkle fish with seasoned salt. Dredge in flour, dip in egg mixture, then dredge in pecan crumbs.

3) Add oil to pan; swirl to coat. Cook fish 2-3 minutes on each side until golden.


Source of Recipe: Publix Aprons Simple Meals

I made Brussel Sprouts and a baked potato on the side.


So good! It gave the fish a nice little crunch and spruced it up a bit. It was nice to have a change because fish can sometimes get a little bland. I made this all myself too 🙂

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night. Have a wonderful Friday loves!


How often do you go grocery shopping? (I feel like I’ve asked this before but oh well)

Do you like fish? If so what is your favorite?

Is anyone else a veggie weirdo like me? 🙂

One for One–Toms

Yesterday turned out to be a really great day!

I woke up a later than usual and lounged around the house the entire morning. Sometimes it is necessary to have a lazy morning. Sunday’s seem to be the perfect day to do that around here ;D

I got started on “breakfast” around 11:30. I wanted something different for a change so I decided to make Julie’s Pumpkin Protein Pancakes. I’m not a huge pancake fan but I wanted to give it a whirl and I loved them!




They may look a little burnt but they didn’t taste it at all. They were so filling!!! The protein definitely contributed to that.

After brunch, a little house hunting happened. I think we found a really nice place to live because our lease here ends in October. It is cheaper to.. win-win!

I’ve been eyeing “Toms” for a long time so we went over to the mall to scope some out. The first time I went to whole foods and they didn’t have my size.


Found ‘em! Toms is great because not only are they SUPER comfy, but they give a pair of shoes to a child in need every time someone buys a pair. Such a great concept. More companies should really do this.





They had a huge variety of colors, sparkly, and prints but I stuck with black because it matches everything. I’m so exciting 😉 Next time I’ll definitely get a fun one!

After shopping a while, it was time for a little pick me up.


Iced coffee with pumpkin spice pumps. Yum! First one of the season.

It was a rainy and dreary day but still nice. After getting home and doing some laundry and other necessities, we had a nice dinner.


Steak, ‘shrooms, roasted potatoes, and green beans. I LOVE mushrooms I don’t know why I don’t get them more often! I rarely ever roast potatoes either I’m not sure why?



Then of course, I relaxed on the couch with this gorgeous boy.


Must’ve had a tough day ;P

I’m not going to the gym till later this evening  and right now I have school. Yay for learning! ;D

Catch ya later! ❤


What was the best part of your Sunday?

What is something you don’t do often but love?

Have you had your first Pumpkin Spice Coffee of the season yet?

Follow me, Follow you!

Good Morning! ❤

I woke up to this little booger barking his head off.


Don’t be fooled by that innocent little face. Lately when he wants something he barks until he gets it. Of course I’m a pushover so I give him what he wants. Now he’s smart enough to know that will always work. He’s so spoiled!

I slept like a baby because I got new pillows yesterday. Best decision of my life. Well until I make another great decision, but for now it is awesome to me.

Today is my REST DAY. After a week of working out hard, it’s nice to have my rest day on Sunday’s so I can fully enjoy the day and let my muscles rest and get stronger.


Last night mi madre and I went to a new campus of our church. It was nice and just as good, but I like our main one better! The main one has the pastor right in front of you whereas this campus shows him on the screen. This campus is closer to us though and it was nice to check out a new environment.

We didn’t get out of church till around 7:30 and we were super hungry. The thought of driving home about 15 minutes away and then cooking just wasn’t appealing to us the slightest bit.

We decided we deserved a nice little night out and we stopped at Friday’s because they had a good deal. We each got the 2 for $10 where you can pick an appetizer AND and entrée or an entrée AND a dessert. The only logical thing to do was to each get one and one get an app and split it and the other get the dessert and split it. Good deal if I say so myself!

Forgot to snap a picture of the appetizer but we had a spinach and tomato flat bread.

For my entrée I got the Dragonfire Chicken. It was a grilled chicken breast with some orange stuff over rice and broccoli on the side.


The flash went off so the picture isn’t great quality. I ate all the chicken and all the broccoli and ended up leaving almost all the rice because it wasn’t that great. The chicken and broccoli were good but just a little spicier than I expected! I’m a baby when it comes to spicy though.

My mom got the parmesan encrusted chicken which came with a tomato and mozzarella salad on the side.

For dessert, we were trying to decide between the Oreo ice cream sandwich, the peanut butter pie, or the vanilla bean cheesecake. I wanted the Oreo or the peanut butter because that’s just what I would always rather have. Plus, I really don’t like cheese cake! =O Sorry to all you cheesecake lovers but it’s too heavy and creamy to me. I’d much rather have chocolate or peanut butter! Of course, my mom decided on the cheesecake because that is what the server recommended.


Talk about massive! I ended up having two bites and then had to stop there. It was vanilla bean and white chocolate. I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate either so that was more than enough for me. It was pretty good though, my taste buds were just not into it especially since I was feelin’ the chocolate.


I am now sipping on my usually morning cup of Joe 😀


Not sure what I have planned for today but I’m sure it will be nice and relaxing like a Sunday should be ;P

Before I forget! Whoever has instagram follow me. It is addicting and so much fun Open-mouthed smile

@brinnyx3 is my username. I update pictures as my day goes on usually with food, coffee and Bentley. Lots of Bentley ;D But much more!

I also made a Pinterest account, finally!

I am still trying to get the hang of it but so far so good. Send me your instagram and pinterest accounts as well in a comment or an email if you’d like. I want to follow all of you!!

Can you believe I haven’t even made a Facebook account yet? I’m weird but it will happen soon. I’ll let you all know when that happens.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


What’s your favorite type of dessert?

Chocolate or ice cream for me!

Do you have instagram or pinterest?

Would you rather have spicy or not spicy?

Very, very mild or not at all.

Do you splurge on the weekends?

Yes, more than during the week!

Relaxing weekends or get a bunch of stuff done?

I have a mix of both. Depends on what needs to be done and what already has been done.