I have officially switched over to a self hosted site. I am thanking Matt again for the help 😀

I hope you all will come visit the new site. I’m still working on the design and what not, but everything is there and I will start posting over there. If you subscribed, feel free to subscribe to this one instead. It will be much better I promise:)


New Site:



That link will take you where you need to go!!  Love you all ;D

Switching to Self-Hosted

Happy Friday everyone!


I’m posting a random picture of Bentley because I can.

Usually on Friday’s, I do a Friday favorites post. I am currently trying to switch my blog over to self-hosted though!

Matt is helping me out with it, thanks Matt! For some reason my computer won’t let me log into the new account so I’m trying to work on it to get it up and running.

I just wanted to let you all know so I don’t leave you hanging. As soon as the new site is ready I’ll let you all know and I hope you will visit me over there!

I hope you all have an amazing day, wish me luck 😀