A Nice Surprise!


Surprise!! My brother drove down from Tallahassee yesterday and wanted to surprise my mom and I. Too bad he posted a status on Facebook before he left. Come on, like we wouldn’t see that? haha!

Still a nice surprise and I’m glad he’s here! We barely ever see him now a days since he lives almost 7 hours away. TOO FAR! I love my bro, so happy we are close 🙂 Obviously that picture is old because I am BLONDE.

Last night he didn’t get to our house till about 8:30, so we had a late dinner. My mom and I snacked all throughout the evening but not too much because we still had appetites for a yummy dinner.


Finally tried Alexia sweet potatoes! They were so yummy, I had a few before Brendan even got here 😉


Turkey burgers, asparagus, and sweet potato puffs.


My mom also got a Key Lime Pie because that is my brothers favorite dessert. My mom goes nuts with the food whenever Brendan comes down. She acts like he is a starving college kid that only eats crumbs while away.

I honestly don’t even really like Key Lime Pie but I had a sliver. If I’m having dessert, I usually want it to be extra chocolate-y!

We hung out for a bit then went off to bed around midnight. This morning I got to sleep in till about 9:30! I surprised myself when I woke up that late. It is a dreary day here today so maybe that helped:)

I was planning on taking Bikram again today but honestly woke up with a very sore gluteus maximus so I decided today could be my rest day instead of tomorrow. I think it is a good idea because I woke up with a pounding sinus headache. Thanks a lot yucky weather =/

After taking Bentley on a nice long walk, we got started on brunch. It was around 11:30 by the time we ate! Still breakfast but just later than usual.


I’m almost positive I ate my body weight in fruit salad before breakfast was even ready. I cannot be tamed around a fruit salad.


Spinach, tomato, and cheese scrambled eggs with a piece of toast.

Now I’m off to spend time with the family before Brendan leaves. Have an amazing Saturday!


Would you rather have a fruity/Tart dessert or a decadent chocolate dessert?

Obviously I am a chocolate girl all the way. Except give me a choice between a brownie and froyo, you know for a fact I’ll be all over that froyo;)

Do you celebrate with food when family comes in town too?

(I feel like everyone does). Our lives revolve around food.

What is your favorite mix-in for eggs?

I love spinach, mushroom, and tomato usually. Too bad we had no mushrooms!



15 responses

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  2. haha awww facebook neer goes unmissed does it!? ;P Your breakfast sounds absolutely lovely, I love a huge bowl of never ending fruits! Definitely a chocolatey dessert for me but agree that froyo wins hands down. I like to mix eggs with peanut butter and jam, it sounds so gross but is yummy I swear!

  3. aw so fun! food is ALWAYS the center of all of our family get togethers. i love having an excuse to eat foods we don’t normally have!
    and i’m with ya, i almost always want CHOCOLATE in my desserts! my dad’s favorite dessert is key lime pie, so i always plan to have another chocolatey dessert on hand for myself 🙂

  4. I get so excited when my family visits! Sometimes we celebrate with food, but its mainly me cooking for them, I loveeee cooking, and Im also vegan, so I love cooking and sharing delicious vegan foods with them. They always end up really surprised and Mum will end up asking for the recipe/
    wow sweet potato gems (as well call them in australia) sound really good!

  5. food+family goes hand in hand! my grandparents are both from italy and my family on my mom’s side is ALL about food. sunday dinners growing up were the best! i’m excited the holidays are approaching, because that will give my blog a plethora of foodie photos to pick and choose from! haha

    thats so nice of your brother to visit! i think its instinctual for moms to want to feed their children extra when they’re in college and away from home…cause they cant see what they’re eating when theyre there! my mom always did that to me and the “are you eating enough?!” questions were constant!

  6. Ohh those sweet tater tots look amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on a pack next time I hit up Publix. Have fun with your brother – and huge lol @ FB undermining the surprise!

  7. Those potato puffs look amazzzinnggg!! I am for sure a chocoholic all the way!! If I had to have a brownie or froyo..I would have a brownie ON my froyo..which I usually do anyway!!!!! Spinach always finds its way into my eggs and YES to celebrating with food!!

  8. Yay! Thats an awesome surprise! Hope you have a great time!
    I love all kinds of dessert..but I prefer mine to mine to have lots of chocolate! yum! 🙂
    Yes, my family totally celebrates with food when family comes into town. My mom always bakes up a storm and makes lots of yummy food 🙂
    My fav mix-in for eggs is turkey and spices 🙂

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