Love Grown Foods

I have something very exciting to share with you all. Today I received a beautiful box from the nice UPS man.


I cannot explain how excited I was when I received this package! I had to try my hardest to sign my name normally and not scream at the same time in front of the random delivery guy at the door.


I LOVE this note they put in the box. So nice and adorable! THANK YOU LOVE GROWN<3

If you all don’t know about love grown, you need to check out their website. They have an AMAZING story about how it all started. My favorite part about this company is their passion for what they do, spreading the love throughout the community, helping children, health and nutrition, and just their overall attitude about their love for what they do. It is so inspiring and they truly make an impact by teaching others the importance of health and their love of good food. Check them out!

I had JUST eaten lunch so unfortunately I couldn’t incorporate some granola into my meal, but you KNOW I had to sample at least a few bites Winking smile



They were more than generous with the samples! I think I cried a bit when I opened the box. My biggest problem was deciding which one to sample first. They all looked AMAZING.

I ended up opening the Sweet Cranberry Pecan and taking a few bites.




New favorite granola that is for sure. They are gluten free, and freely unprocessed. They are healthy and good for you without sacrificing taste.

I love that they had big clusters! The sweetness of the cranberry and the pecans complemented each other perfectly. I can’t wait to try all of the flavors!

There is absolutely no way that I am only opening one bag at a time. I will try a new one every day. Once I’m done sampling them all I will give a full review of what I thought of all the flavors. So far so good! ;D


Have you tried Love Grown?

What flavor should I try next? 😀

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