Counting Your Blessings

So let me start off by stating that I am a bit of a “horoscope junkie” you can call it. I literally read mine every morning and think it applies to be pretty darn accurately.

My mom has told me many times that it is not necessarily “Christian-like” but it is pretty weird how they can sometimes be SO true. While I don’t want to read something that isn’t generally in my faith, I do just like to read it and see what it says and they usually get me thinking.

The other day this was my horoscope:

In hot, clammy weather, we long for cooler temperatures. When it’s raining, we wish for dryer conditions. When it’s gloomy, we hope for the sun. But when it’s cool, dry, and bright we probably don’t revel in how lucky we are do we? Do you, Leo? Sometimes the darkness is necessary to remind us how beautiful the light can be. You have been through a rough spell recently. In fact, you may still be enduring some remnants of a darker period in your life. But you need to make the most of it. Be as productive as possible. And most of all, use the memory of your experience to fully appreciate the beautiful time that is about to come.

This particular horoscope truly stuck with me. It got me thinking in depth about what exactly it means. I find this entire paragraph to be completely true.

This is saying that sometimes we get so caught up in bad moments or bad times, that we don’t sit back and realize how blessed we truly are.

I can relate to this so well. First of all, I have pretty bad luck. I always say it is the “Lesser Luck” (my last name), because my dad and brother seem to have bad luck too. I often find myself saying “FML”, “Why me?”, “Just my luck”. I get so caught up in the unfortunate events that I forget to be grateful for all that I have.

When I was away at college for my first year, I had many bad experiences. I won’t go into detail right now because I’m not ready to share it on the blog, but I was constantly feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t understand why these series of unfortunate events were haunting me. Another time was when I had so many car repairs I thought my head was going to explode.

While these things were happening, I always wondered why? I’m a good person, why can’t things like this happen to other no-so-good people?

In reality, I shouldn’t have been thinking about other people. For one, I should have been thankful that I was away at college. I should have been thankful that I could afford to get an education. I should have been thankful that I was able to live on my own and go to school. When my car broke, I should have been thankful that I had the money to fix the car. I really should have been thankful that I even had a nice car to begin with.

It is so easy to get caught up in things we want, things we don’t have, and the “bad luck” that comes our way. I still find myself doing this, but when I do I just need to think, it could be SO MUCH WORSE. We are always wanting more than what we have, and never truly being satisfied with all of our blessings.

I believe that things happen for a reason. Many of you may agree or disagree, but I do think events in our lives are there to teach us a lesson. With everything that has happened in the past, I have to remember it is in the past. There is no reason to constantly dwell on events that we have no control over and cannot change.

With that being said, I need to take my own advice and work on this myself. I try my BEST to look on the bright side of things, always. I will take past events and use them as guidelines to make decisions for myself and my future. I truly believe that they have guided me in the right direction and molded me into the person I have become today. And I am proud of that Smile Count your blessings, and be grateful for all the positive aspects of your life.


I really wanted to share this topic with you all because it has been lingering over my head for quite a while now. I would LOVE to hear your point of view and perspectives. Sorry no pictures today, I had a lot to say. For some reason I was nervous to publish this, but I am not one to hold anything back 🙂 I hope you all are having an amazing day<3


Do you dwell on your past?

Do you remember to be thankful for all you have?


22 responses

  1. um girl i just found you and i LOVE YOU! besides being GORGEOUS you have such a beautiful attitude!
    positivity and looking at the upside is always a choice in any situation and not only helps improve yourself..but also helps you grow in the long run! it really is so so important to count your blessings…because in the end your “bad” day could be someone else’s “good” day in their perspective

  2. I tend to dwell, especially when,like you say, things seem to go on and on being rubbish, its all you can think of! I’m so sorry you had a crappy 1st year of college. I did too but seeing it as teaching us a life lesson for the future is a fab way of looking at things and putting them in perspective. Great post 😀

  3. I love this!! Counting your blessings is SO important! Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself about something, I take a step back and think about all the AMAZING things in my life, and I realise how grateful I should be 🙂 AWESOME post girl!! ❤

  4. What a beautiful post! I’m such an advocate of counting blessings, although I could definitely afford to do it myself a little more often too.

  5. I feel like I dwell on my past now more than I ever have, and I think it’s because I still feel regretful for what I’ve done. And now I’ve been called as our church’s relief society president and I still wonder as to why I’ve been called. And even though I’ve repented of what I’ve done, I still feel like I’m not good enough to hold this calling; but I just keep reminding myself that I’ve repented and now I need to forget my past transgressions.
    It’s funny that you talk about being thankful for what you have in the midst of having car problems, because that just happened to my sister and I this weekend. We drove from Rexburg,ID to Draper, UT and just as we were reaching our destination, our car’s transmission completely died and we were stuck on the side of the freeway exit at 10pm. However, we were so fortunate to have a wonderful mother that prepared us with a AAA membership and basically arranged for us to get a rental car to take back up to school. She’s also paid to get a brand new transmission replacement and we get to drive back to Draper this weekend to pick up the car.

    • Oh my Gosh, I am so sorry that happened! I can totally relate to that. You shouldn’t feel like you aren’t good enough for that position, you got chosen for a reason. Embrace it and you will rock it;)

  6. i love this post. everything you said is so true. i love how you are accountable & willing to work on yourself. We should all work on ourselves! i always say that EVERYONE, even the happiest ppl in this world, would benefit from talking to someone (therapist, counselor, etc). youre absolutely right- things can always be worse. my knee injury sucks, but not running has given me the chance to reflect on how lucky i am with regard to other things in my life! positivity always helps

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