Decorating and Good Eats



I may be ridiculous but since I was talking about the beginning of fall earlier I might as well show you all what happened today.

I understand it is only the FIRST of the month but it’s fine with me:) The earlier the better! Even though I’m moving soon I brought out a couple decorations.




Call me nerdy but this gets me excited;) No shame hurr!

This morning I took a YOGA class after doing a super hilly run on the treadmill. Seriously I fall more in love with yoga each time I do it. It gives me a great idea that I will hopefully go through with. I’ll tune you all in if it happens:)


Contrary to my love of fall this morning and all day, all I wanted after the gym was a salad with fruit.


This screams SUMMER and has it written all over it. Honestly, it was the best salad I have ever had in my life. Take that Panera.

Peaches, blueberries, turkey, goat cheese, pomegranate dressing. Romaine + Spinach.

Oh my Gosh. Too bad I didn’t create this baby when summer started. I am also obsessed with peaches and will eat them until there are none left in the grocery store. I think I bought at least 30 the last time I went to the store. (Not really but I wish).


My day was spent packing and cleaning. So fun I know. Our lease is up at the end of October so we are moving about 15 minutes north of where we live now. Not too bad but packing is the worst part!

I did everything I could to avoid it today. Unfortunately it will come back to haunt me throughout the month of October.

I got a break for Church around 6 pm and by the time we got out we were hungry. We knew by the time we actually made our way home and cooked, it would be late and it just wasn’t appealing.

We stopped at an Italian Restaurant and sat outside. It was actually COOL I was shocked! It was gorgeous out, I loved dining outside in the cooler weather. They gave us complimentary garlic rolls which I haven’t had in ages! Bad blogger forgot to snap a picture. Luckily, I got one of my entrée.


Flounder Almandine. I literally just had fish like last night but I love it and this sounded really good so I got it:)

Flounder in a lemon, white wine sauce with slivered almonds, green beans, baby carrots, mashed potato blob.

I’m not sure what made this dish so good but it was absolutely delicious. I think it was the sauce. It was also a perfect portion size. I like when I’m served better food for a smaller portion. It makes it so much better.

Now I’m chillin on the couch and relaxing. I’m planning on going to the park tomorrow to take Bentley to the dog park and to walk around the lake!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends<3


Do you care if you eat similar things two days in a row?

What is the weather like where you live?

What is one seasonal food that you could eat all year round?


11 responses

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  2. That salad looks amazing!! So amazing that I want to go make one right now – even though I had a filling dinner just a few hours ago! Maybe I’ll make sure I get all of the stuff to have a yummy creation like this next week! 🙂

    JB @

  3. I could eat pumpkin anything all year round. Ha, ha. I definitely miss pumpkin after the autumn season! (And I’m totally decorating my house for the season too!). 🙂

  4. Psh girl, I have practically the same breakfast every single morning! I say if your body is craving it, why not!? 😉

    When I lived in the dorms on campus I hung this GIGANTIC spider decoration on the outside of my & my roommates’ front door. I actually never took it down, so it was up LONG after Halloween. Needless to say they loved me for it 8)

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