Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Who’s happy it’s Friday? Honestly, that was a silly question because I know everyone is 😉

This morning I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then took a total body works strength class.



Cross-training! So important. I find that I need a break from running sometimes! I worked with resistance and speed on the elliptical.

This picture was taken mid-workout. I’m not sure how it came out clear? I guess I got some skills 8)

Since it’s Friday I’m always looking for an excuse to have some fun. Whether it is going out at night, indulging in a little extra sweets, drinking some wine, or whatever it is, the answer is always why not? It’s Friday!

I figured I’d do something cute on the blog! I’ve seen this done before and I thought I could jump on the bandwagon. I present to you:

Friday Favorites

1st Edition!

Yay! So here I’ll show you guys some of my favorite things for the past week in separate categories. Lets get to it!


These are for your inner and outer thigh. Most people may neglect these muscles or they use the machine or simply go up and down with their leg standing up or laying down.

This move is a different approach and really makes it burn!

Probably some of the most awkward pictures I’ve taken, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Outer Thigh: Keep your hips stacked and bring your knee into your chest.


Then push with your HEEL and straighten your leg.


Inner Thigh: Bring your knee to your chest, hips stacked. Heel should be down not like mine in the picture.


Push with your HEEL and straighten.


It’s as simple as that! It seems simple but trust me you feel it. Disregard my cheerleading socks ha.


This isn’t necessarily food but I consume it so I count it in this category.


I look like the biggest creep. I promise I’m not normally this scary! Post gym, no makeup will do this to ya 🙂

But, STEVIA! I got this a while ago but I still haven’t gotten over how good it is. All natural liquid sweetener that tastes awesome.



Biscoff Spread. Oh jeez. It is super dangerous to have in the house but totally worth it.




I love them! I still can’t get over how COMFORTABLE they are. They give donations to kids in need when you buy a pair, too.


Rihanna and Calvin Harris – We found love

David Guetta feat. Usher – Without you


iphone 4

Yup, still 🙂



heytell 22

This is like talking on the phone but texting instead. You hold and speak into the phone and the other person receives it kind of like a voicemail but you’re not using your phone minutes! It’s fun and definitely good when you don’t want to text. Maybe at times like if you are driving and cannot text!


As if I don’t share enough pictures of him. However, since I take SO many pictures of him, I can show you guys a new, good picture of him from the week!


He looks scared. He wasn’t though he was probably just like wtf get this camera out of my face you crazy lady. What else is new.

What are some of your favorite things? Pick any category!

Any special plans for this weekend?

Do you cross-train or usually stick to your favorite exercise?


9 responses

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  2. what is biscoff spread?! i have seen it so much around the blog world lately and have yet to try it!!
    i hate cross training and have to FORCE myself to do it, but being injured once taught me a lesson so I will never neglect it again 🙂
    p.s. i want a pair of toms sooo badly!

    • It’s a European spread with the consistency of peanut butter but it’s sweet and made out of biscoff cookies. To die for!
      Toms are amazing, so comfy 😀
      Injury will definitely teach you that, glad you’re better!

  3. WHOA, when’d you dye your hair?!? I’m sorry- I’m lagging behind with all the blogging! 😦 You’re gorgeous! (as always 😛 ) anywhoo- I’m also LOVING rihannas new song and I always love fitness. What’s not to love about it?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You are super beautiful without makeup to!!! I want your Toms shoes 😀 Im also loving the song “We found love”. Haha, thats a cool app! I need an iPhone so I can try the app! 🙂

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