Butterfly Award

In the beginning of the month, the sweet Kat tagged me in the butterfly award.


I haven’t gotten around to doing it but I think that this would be a fun idea especially since it is Sunday and weekends are meant for some fun! ;D Sunday Funday! haha

Head on over to Kat’s blog as well and read her responses. She has a WONDERFUL blog and an even better heart!

Name your favorite color:

It used to be pink everything. I was obsessed but lately I’m loving green and I have always loved blue!


What whizzes you off:

My #1 pet peeve is bad drivers. I’m sure everyone thinks everyone else is a bad driver and they are the best but honestly when people cut me off, go 20 in a 50, and much more. I could go on forever 0=) Also, when people lie. Just tell the truth people, you’ll have less to remember!



Name your favorite dessert:





Best feature:

I’d say smile and eyes. I actually won best smile in high school and was runner up for eyes!

Your favorite pet:

This one is way too obvious ;P




I also miss my beloved Sage more than anything in the whole world. She is tied with Bentley, I lover her<3


Love you mama. R.I.P.<3

Your biggest fear:

I’m not really sure what my biggest fear is. I could say getting murdered or something crazy like that but everyone would be afraid of that. I guess just not being happy with my life for one reason or another. My ultimate goal is to be happy and I would hope to achieve that.

Guilty pleasure:

Reality TV, other type of TV, Magazines. Food wise? Froyo.


Taylor Lautner, marry me?

When you’re upset you:

Want to be alone usually. I listen to music, exercise, blog, surf the web, sleep.



What is perfection:

Balance. <— Stole that from Kat. It is so true! There is no such thing as really being perfect.

Happiness. If you are happy with yourself, your life, and everything around you, then that is perfection to me.


Anyone who wants to do this, be my guest! Everyone is tagged!


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