Catching Up and Cuteness

Good morning to you all and TGIF! ;D

I figured I’d start off today’s post with some cuteness. Be prepared people, it may take your breath away.

This is my Friday favorite. Well actually every second of my life favorite but same thing.


I LOVE when Bentley does this. When he’s acting like a baby, I pick him up and he hugs me and rests his head on my shoulder. I had to capture the moment<3




PERFECT EXAMPLE right here. I die.

Oh and a little bit of modeling occurred.



Look at that face. Sometimes I think he is a stuffed animal because he is so beautiful. He should be a dog model, for sure. Winking smile


Last night I was going to post but I got way to distracted by Grey’s Anatomy two hour season premier!




Whoops how’d that get in there? ;D Nuff said.


Anyway, time to catch you all up on what I did yesterday. I didn’t get to the gym till about 6 pm last night. That’s super late for me! I usually like to workout in the mornings but my early classes have been preventing me from doing so.

I also had to look at some more apartments before working out so that’s why I got there late. It was still a great workout!

Thursday’s are my cardio-only days so I do about an hour. I like to split up my running into HIIT, speed, steady, and hilly. Yesterday I decided to do my hilly run and found a great one on Courtney’s blog. I followed the treadmill routine exactly but upped the incline on the last five minutes. I then ran for another mile and cooled down ending with 5.16 miles.

By the time we got home it was already 7:30 and we were starving.

We grilled up some salmon burgers and heated up some broccoli.




Ezekiel sprouted grain with hummus, salmon burger with lettuce + tomato, and broccoli. So yum!


I think I need to get on a two-a-day blogging schedule because I don’t like having to catch up from all day yesterday and then this morning! Oh well it’s fine for now!



I woke up and went over to the gym and completed a mile of HIIT on the treadmill and then completed about 18 minutes on the elliptical for some cross training. I did a minute forward with light resistance going faster and a minute backwards with higher resistance the entire time.

I then took my favorite body works class! Of course the instructor focused mostly on shoulders and triceps when that’s what I focused on Wednesday for my workout –___- It was still a great class though, loved it.

When I got home I was starving. My stomach was eating itself and I was craving eggs.

I heated up some spinach and tomatoes then tried to make an omelet.



I am the worst omelet maker in the world. I always mess it up! So it turned into scrambled eggs.




With half a whole wheat bagel and 1/2 laughing cow cheese.



I haven’t had bagels in forever but they were buy one get one free so I got some!

Now I’m off and ready to tackle the day. Homework and maybe some pool time is calling my name!

Catch you all later ❤


Do you like bagels?

Can you make a good omelet or do you mess it up like me?

For my bloggers, when’s your ideal blogging time?

Any grey’s anatomy fans? 😀


9 responses

  1. Grey’s was awesome last night!! Avery = so pretty 🙂 and I think Derek needs to remember he promised for better or for worse!

    I love love bagels.. try not to have them too often, I love making egg white & cheese everything bagel thins 🙂

    I have yet to create an omelette that holds together… ::le sigh::

    You and your pup are super cute!!

  2. Bagels are bomb. Nuff said!!

    the puppy pics are too sweet!!!!! dying! 😀

    I havent watched Grey’s for a few seasons, but my friend is ALL ABOUT IT! Apparently there are some new characters it is as well………muscled too…… i am behinddddd!!

    happy weekend, girly!

  3. You are SO pretty! You have such a beautiful smile! Whenever you post a picture I always think “oh my gosh! she is soo pretty!” (im not just saying that!!) And your dog is so adorable!!! ❤

    Haha! Everytime I attemp to make an omelet it always ends up looking like scrambled eggs! 😛
    Yes! I love bagels!

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