Going Darker and Whole Foods

Turns out I didn’t study as much as I had hoped to after I finished blogging. I procrastinated till the very end getting some studying done in between. I’m pretty sure I still aced the test though so I’m super happy!

Pre-test fuel, I was going to make a salad because I was really craving one. Then I realized we didn’t have much food and I was running out of time so this happened.


Cereal is good any time of the day.


1/2 Kashi Go Lean, 1/2 Kashi Heart to Heart, 1/2 Peach, 2 tsp. Raisins, Cinnamon, Almond Milk.

After I was done with my test, I met my mother at the hair salon. My hair has faded in only two weeks to a greenish tint and I wanted to get it re-done professionally!


Pre-dye. Why do I look like a psycho? Can’t believe I just put this picture on the internet.

I needed a trim in the worst way too. I can’t remember the last time I got it trimmed!!


The end! Darker with a reddish tint 🙂 I really like it!

It’s funny how I never thought in my life I’d go brunette, I was always too chicken.

I’ve always wanted darker hair though, I think it looks so healthy and shiny!

Now I’m finally a brunette 😀

It was nearly 8 pm when we were both finished. I hadn’t eaten in 8 hours and my mom was getting some groceries at Whole Foods conveniently right next door.


She called me and told me to get there stat. The Whole Foods Bar was calling our names.

I wanted everything, holy moly. It’s dangerous to be in there while hungry.


Bottom left: Kale + Beets. Bottom Right: Some broccoli with some sauce? I mostly just took the broccoli. Top left: Tofu with some carrots and mini corn and some other stuff I don’t know but this was the best thing I have ever eaten. This makes me want to be vegetarian again. (yes I was one before). Top right: Couscous with cranberries and walnuts.

I got like 28 pounds of food but it was amazing. I love Whole Foods I could live in there.

Okay enough of this I’m getting way to crazy over here.

I am exhausted and am planning on sleeping very good with no alarm set. I’m going to the gym tomorrow for some cardio and yoga 🙂 I made a deal with myself that I wanted to do yoga at least once a week!

I am also going to Orlando tomorrow for the night for a friends birthday! I will try to blog tomorrow but we’ll see how it goes. I hope all of you have an amazing weekend enjoy!! ❤


What’s the best thing you’ve eaten at whole foods?

Do you like tofu?

Have you gone a completely different hair color than what you’re used to?

Anything fun planned this weekend?


16 responses

  1. What the flip!! How the heck is possible to be so gorgeous!
    You girl, have one pretty face!
    I love the hair colour too, Im a sucker for dark hair and brown eyes.

    Oh man I loveeee tofu! Especially in scrambles.
    Or buying the pre-marinated ones and using them on burgers or in wraps.

  2. I totally agree that cereal is good any time of the day! And I LOVE the dark hair!!! I mean, you look lovely as a blonde as well but I like the change up! I’m always so jealous of people that can pull off both colors!! I have super dark hair and I could NOT go blonde!!! 🙂

    I do like tofu but I honestly don’t eat it that often. Best thing I’ve had at whole foods… hmm. I had some falafel once that was EPIC. SO delicious.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Again, I LOVE your hair that color! It looks so great with your light eyes and complexion 🙂 You’re a beautiful girl

    I miss the Whole Foods hot bar 😦 When I was home in Miami, my mom and I used to make trips there regularly. Lately I’ve been so busy (and a poor college student with puppy expenses) I’ve been skimping out! It sounds to me like I need to make a trip home haha

  4. I love your haircolor! It looks really good on you!! 🙂

    Ive never had anything done to my hair except get it cut. I’ve never had the guts to try something new…but I think this has to change 😀

  5. hey Brittany! I just found your blog and I really love your voice and your enthusiastic spirit =) We are definitely at similar places in life, both being college students… who need mornings where there is no alarm set. Haha I feel ya on that one girl. Your hair looks GREAT and I would eat your Whole Foods dinner in a HOT SECOND. My wallet is always pretty much emptied whenever I eat at the hot food bar there… =)

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