Never Forgotten

Yesterday, September 11, I meant to write a reflection post later in the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to it because I was out all day and then had to come home and study.


A tragedy happened 10 years ago and it’s something we will always remember.

It was an emotional day for all and a day to remember all the lives that were taken from us.

It was a day to give thanks to all the brave firefighters and police officers that were running in while the rest was running out.

It was a day to reflect on our country and create a sense of unity among all Americans.

It was a day where our hearts were heavy, and tears were shed.

To all the innocent people who died that day, you will never be forgotten.


After watching the tribute on television, we thought it would be nice to head to church. I usually go Saturday nights but wanted to try a sister campus to my church that holds services on Sunday mornings.

I always see this breakfast on Julie’s blog and have been intrigued ever since!

I finally decided to try it this morning, it was delicious!


My mom fried up an egg and I topped my bagel thin with melted muenster cheese and jelly. As you can see I took a couple bites before realizing I almost didn’t snap a picture.

DSC01334 Some red grapes and cantaloupe went in my belly also.

The sermon at the new church we tried out was great. I really loved the way the pastor taught it and it seemed to be completely relevant to my life and I love when that happens!

Once church was over we had a bunch of errands to run. This was when something amazing happened.

I’ve been waiting for a while for this baby to be mine.

DSC01340 Oh yes, FINALLY!!! I’ve had T-mobile for the longest time and I hated my phone because it never worked, the battery died within 2 hours, and lets face it iPhones are the only way to go now Open-mouthed smile Please excuse my crazy fly always.



iPhone 4 baby! As you can see I was just a little excited Winking smile I had a photo shoot while waiting in the car. I’m pretty sure a lady was in the car next to me staring, too. No big deal.

I am obsessed already it’s perfect in every way. I’m excited because now I can read blogs and blog on it easily now! It’s a life changer I’m tellin you!

We got home and had lunch much later than usual around 3:30.



MONSTER salad! Chicken, carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, mixed greens, cottage cheese, and my favorite Annie’s dressing.


Anything with a butt load of veggies I will be in love with. Butt load may have not been the best word choice to explain something delicious.

Let’s just breeze through the rest of the day because I did nothing interesting what so ever. I spent the day obsessing over my phone downloading 700 apps and “studying”.

I actually didn’t start studying till about 7 pm. The day just flew by yesterday so I had an excuse!


Dinner last night was so simple but very good! This whole post is almost about food but when I go MIA all day this is what happens. I’m sure you guys won’t mind Smile


Organic apple chicken sausage with melted muenster cheese, sauerkraut, and a baked potato. I saw the organic apple chicken in the supermarket and it immediately appealed to me.

It was seriously amazing I highly recommend it. This is my own recommendation, I’m not even sure who makes it, I know I’m a big help, but I found it at Publix.


I couldn’t fall asleep last night and only got about 4 & 1/2 hours. I woke up and needed COFFEE. Of course.

I threw together a yogurt bowl this morning for breakfast.


Plain Chobani Greek yogurt, mini container of blueberry activia, 1/2 peach, raspberries, granola, and a dollop of almond butter.



I love yogurt bowls because you can make each one different by the flavor of yogurt, fruit, cereal or granola, etc. The Greek yogurt gives it more protein than milk would and it’s also super quick which I definitely needed this morning!

It’s been rainy out so I made myself a homemade pumpkin spiced latte courtesy of Mama Pea. Deelish on a rainy day Smile

I’m training my mom at the gym later today so I’m just waiting for her to get home. I’m excited to get my sweat on!


Any app recommendations?

What’s your favorite easy breakfast?

Have you tried jelly and cheese together?


11 responses

  1. haha you are so adorable! yay for your new iphone!!! i seriously don’t know what i did before my smart phone. i’m addicted haha.
    all of your food looks so yummy. that bagelwich combo is one of my faves. aaand i made myself a homemade pumpkin spice latte this morning too 🙂

  2. WORDS WITH FRIENDS!! GET that app is addicting! I just got the iPhone4 about a month ago after having a basic phone for yearrrsss. I never thought I would jump on the bandwagon, but I must say I loovee the iPhone.

    Jelly and cheese is life changing. I saw a golden light the first time I tried that. Oh and your name is awesome!

  3. I just got an iPhone last month too! Honestly, you will NEVER EVER go back to anything else. There’s really nothing in the world like it!

  4. AH i think i’m getting an ipod soon for my bday too! I’m up for an upgrade, and i’ve been using a phone that’s literally from 2000 haha.

    that bowl of oats looks amaze! im gonna miss peaches and berries when summer comes to an end

    yes, i love jelly and cheese together! sweet+savory= amazing!

  5. YAY Iphone! Woooooohoooooo! U are adorable BTW!

    Get Instagram and follow me on there! Im Healthydiva31 on there, a fun app! I also love Yelp, great one, so many!!!

    LOVE the annies dressing, I love the honey mustard and raspberry ones as well!

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