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Good morning everyone !

Yesterday I was tagged, by Kat and Jordan, for the Blissful Blogger Award.

Thank you both! Check out their blogs Open-mouthed smile


The Rules:

Write 9 things about yourself that most people don’t know about you. 

Then tag 7 other bloggers.

1. I was a Pescatarian for almost 3 years. I could honestly write a LOT on this topic and I will do so in another blog post because I don’t want to get way to crazy on this one. Let’s just say I had my reasons for not eating meat,and my other reasons for starting to eat meat again.


2. I am a tall girl and tried out for America’s Next Top Model. Now, I’m not SUPER tall but taller than most girls I know at least (even some boys too). I am about 5’9. I have always wanted to model but never had any professional pictures done so I thought I wouldn’t get jobs. I tried out for ANTM last year and got a call back. It was the best call of my life. I thought I finally had a shot at making my dream come true. I flew out to New York and there was another casting there (even though they told me it was a private interview) with 500 other girls. After waiting for 6 hours, we got to talk in front of the camera and tell them a little about ourselves. Half the girls were getting cut immediately after that, and I was one of them. I was pretty pissed considering I spent $2,000 that weekend to fly out there but I don’t want to give up. In fact, I want to show them I can make it big without them, or just try out again Smile Being in the entertainment industry is definitely a dream of mine (being rich wouldn’t hurt either Winking smile) whether it’s modeling or acting.


Oh, and I was on the cover of a cheerleading catalog! If you’re interested, you can check it out Here.


3. I was born in raised in Florida, but I hate it and want to move. Now I’m not really sure if it’s just because I’ve lived here forever, or what it really is for that matter, but I just don’t like Florida anymore. It does nothing for me, I think it’s beyond boring. The only hills or mountains we have are the dumps. It’s way too hot and humid. I feel like old people come here when they retire. The only thing to do is school, work, shop, movies, beach. I want to explore beautiful scenery, mountains, and cities. I need a new experience, new people, new surroundings. I am dying to move out of state but unfortunately I have to finish my undergrad here because of my pre-paid. My heart lies in California and I definitely see myself there for grad school Winking smile I fell in love when I visited two years ago.




4. I played the flute for 5 years. Yup, band nerd! I was actually really good too. I started off in 4th grade. No one ever joined band in elementary school, but my mom thought I should try it. I decided on the flute and really enjoyed it. I went on to middle school and a lot of my friends actually joined band too. We were the cheerleaders in band. Might sound ironic but that’s how it was! I got second chair too, which means I was the second best out of all the flutes. It came to me naturally, I never practiced but I was still good enough. If I had practiced and kept up with it who knows what would have happened. I was a cheerleader throughout this time and decided I wanted to do high school cheerleading and give up band. I didn’t really have the passion for it thought, I was much more passionate about cheerleading at the time.


5. I was a cheerleader for almost 10 years and won Prom Queen.

On the other side of band, I was a cheerleader. I started my summer after 3rd grad with the optimist. I met all my best friends in cheerleading and it was honestly our lives. We all stayed in it together, did competitive cheer together, went onto high school cheer together, and even coached the optimist’s younger cheerleading teams for three years. I actually do miss it. Even though it was a lot of drama (a bunch of girls, one team, & a lot of practice will do that), conditioning, and broken bones (aka my nose 3 times), it made some of the best memories that I will never forget. I was also Prom Queen for my senior prom. I wasn’t one of those girls who promoted themselves to try and become Prom Queen, I was actually nominated without me knowing. Once I got to the prom it was between me and two other girls and I won! I wasn’t even expecting it.



Final Senior Game




You bet I wore that crown all night.

6. I used to have 9 piercings. I don’t really know why, but I liked them. I never really wanted a tattoo and I knew piercings were temporary. I think it was just a phase because I took some out, but I still get the itch to get another one. I always liked them and thought they gave me a little edge Winking smile No I was not gothic, I just liked how they looked. I had my tongue, tragus, and industrial. I still have my nose, belly button, and four in my ear lobes (two each side). I figured having so many piercings wasn’t really professional and I kind of got over the thrill of having them. I still like them though.


This is really creepy, but you get the idea.

7. I am blind as a bat. Seriously, don’t be fooled by these contacts! I remember telling my mom I couldn’t see in 2nd grade and she thought I was faking it. How rude, right? Finally after me complaining long enough, she took me to the eye doctor. Low and behold, I needed glasses. Fourth grade came around and contacts started becoming popular. I begged and pleaded and I got what I want. I’ve been wearing contacts ever since but my eyes have just gotten worse. I really want Lasik when I’m 21. If not, I may be legally blind. I’m exaggerating just a tad, I won’t be legally blind. Well, maybe. Anyway, I have really bad eye sight and on top of it I have dry eye syndrome and need prescription eyes drops. Contacts + dry eye = no fun.


I wish I could find old glasses pictures! I had really nerdy ones.

8. I have an addiction.. with gum. I literally can eat an entire pack in one day. All by myself. I just love chewing it. All the time. It’s not that good for me though because I have jaw problems and chewing constantly doesn’t really help it. I think it’s because I am ALWAYS thirsty and never seem to be able to quench my thirst, that I chew gum in place of drinking so much water. I don’t know, just a guess! I don’t even want to know how much money I spend on gum in a month.


FAVORITE!! Especially the one all the way at the bottom.

9. I get the heebie jeebies from WOODEN things. Now let me explain. You know the feeling you get when someone scratches their nails on a chalkboard? That cringie and freaked out feeling? That’s the one I’m referring to. The thing that freaks me out the most is when people lick wooden popsicle sticks. I get the chills, cringe, and have to turn away. My friends would ALWAYS mess with me and try to make me look at them while they licked the popsicle stick. I hate it more than anything! It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even use a wooden spoon for cooking that doesn’t have a rubber grip to hold onto. I refuse, because it reminds me of licking that wooden popsicle sick, yuck.


I just got the chills posting this picture.

I usually hate writing about myself, but this was actually not too hard.

Now I get to tag 7 other bloggers! Open-mouthed smile

  1. Mallory @ Its Only Life

6 responses

  1. I wish I was tall. I’m like 5’4″. I guess that’s why I like heels! 🙂 Wow girl, I never knew that you were a cheerleader, prom queen, or a pescatarian. Let me say, YOU ARE SO AWESOME! 😀 I’d love to hear your story about being a pescatarian! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading your survey, especially since I now know you were once a fellow Knight 😉

    We have a lot in common– the same name, the same gum love, the same feelings about Florida. And the fact that you were on the cover of a cheer leading magazine is awesome!

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