All about Bentley

If you guys haven’t already noticed, I’m a little majorly obsessed with my puppy, Bentley.


I’m sure every single dog owner feels the exact same way about their furry friend. However, I truly am in love with him. I feel like he is my child.

I feel bad for when I actually have children. Real, human children that is, I am going to smother them probably just like I smother Bentley.


Like this?

I kiss him way too much. I scream in a baby voice whenever I talk to him. Yes that is normal. I spend hours on end scratching his belly just because he wants me to. We call him a belly scratching whore. Not joking!DSC01142

It gets to the point where he gets annoyed of me and turns his head when I try to kiss him. He NEVER wants to look at the camera when I shove it in his face and say Bentley 2387420 times so he will look at me.

He does not budge. So rude.




Sometimes, he even runs away from me.

He can get sassy and stubborn.

I still love him anyway.


The other day when I was studying procrastinating, Bentley was taking a nap in my bed.

He literally sleeps like a human being because he needs a pillow under his head when he sleeps.


Please tell me that is not a picture of an angel.

I was admiring his cuteness when I noticed he was moving.

His tongue was flopping around, his paws were moving, he was making a slight noise, and his eyes were half open going from left to right a mile a minute.


He was having a doggie dream.

It was weird but seriously one of the cutest things I have witnessed in my entire life. I think I might have died.

His tongue cracks me up whenever I look at this picture. I set it as my desktop background, don’t judge.

I just watched him wondering what he could be dreaming of.

Is this weird?

I’ve seen him dream before but this was a whole other level.

I don’t really know the moral of this story but I just had to share because I was overwhelmed with the cuteness I was witnessing.

Has anyone else seen their dog dream? What were they doing?

I also finally got tons of cute pictures of Bentley.

I thought I’d share the overwhelming cuteness with you all Winking smile 



What do you want?


You’re weird.


Fact: He only looked because I started making strange noises.


He has a cute toosh.


Now if anyone didn’t know, this is my pup Bentley and he is a dog model.

Any agencies are welcome to contact us, because honestly it can’t get any cuter. I dare anyone to tell me I’m wrong.

P.s. he is really hairy and needs a bath in all these pictures. He’s not fat, just fluffy Smile

Hopefully this could make someone smile like it does for me.

Have a great Thursday!


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