And we’re off!


Friday instantly puts me in a great mood.

How is everyone else?

I woke up this morning around 7 am and went over to my mini gym.


It was poppin’ today! Sheesh. This is an old photo because I didn’t want to look really weird taking pictures of myself and get awkward stares when there were people around in such a small space.

I did all upper body and 3 miles of RUNNING!

I was still a bit sore but I finally ran, I feel like its been forever but it’s only been since Monday.

Anyway, I had a great workout. I just did various upper body exercises for different muscle groups. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, etc..

I came back home jumped in the shower and made myself iced coffee ❤

It’s even better when you’re all sweaty & hot.

I don’t know what is up with the whole hurricane Irene thing but it’s GORGEOUS out today. Seriously, like perfect blue skies and windy so it’s a little cooler and less humid!

I really wanted eggs for breakfast but we were out. Of course! The one time I want something savory we’re out. So I went with the ol’ bagel thin with PB, Jelly, & fruit.

Now I am packing and then I will be off to Sarasota!!

I’m excited for a fun, relaxing weekend Open-mouthed smile

We have to drop this little one off at my dads.


I’ll miss him too much.

He gets to meet the kitty for the first time! We’ll see how this goes!


I’m pretty sure my hotel doesn’t have free Wi-Fi but I will definitely try to scope out a coffee shop or something that does!

Catch you all later, have an amazing Friday!!!


Do you have a dog AND a cat?

Do you take pictures of yourself in front of people?


6 responses

  1. It IS weirdly nice outside, considering we’re supposed to get such terrible storms this weekend! We survived an earthquake, so I think I’m ready for the hurricane 😉 Haha

    Nice job on the upper body + running! That’s my plan for today!

  2. I don’t have a dog or a cat. There is a really wheezey cat that’s been showing up around our house lately. I think the poor thing has asthma. Maybe I should give it a hit on my inhaler. 😉 And yeah, taking pics of myself in front of people at the gym would feel a little awkward. Happy Friday, to you, too! Thanks for the fun blog post.

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