Weekend Getaway

TGIT! {Thank God It’s Thursday}

Winking smile Fits perfect since I have NO school tomorrow.

I forgot how great that feels since I’ve been on summer vacation!

This morning I was up at 5:30 am to get to my 8am class.

It was POURING and cloudy all day long. Boooo Annoyed 


I did have a very productive day though!

Had class and actually learned something, got my books, did a bunch of homework, and I’ll spare you the rest of the boring details.

Honestly not one of the most interesting days I’ve had, but hey at least I still got a lot done!


I. am. still. sore.

I feel like this is never going to end!

However, I did want to be active in some way so I ended up doing another interval incline walk for 4.10 miles.

I also did a bunch of ab work and rounded out my workout with 10 minutes of easy cardio on the bike while I read.

An easy workout but not too strenuous. I iced when I got home and foam rolled of course. I can’t get enough of that thing lately, you guys are probably already tired of hearing about it and it’s only been a few days.


When I told ya today was not that interesting, I really mean it. In all aspects of my day.

I didn’t take ANY pictures today. Oops. So I will use recycled ones!

I had cereal for lunch, and soup and a pita pocket for dinner.




I’ve been eating pita pockets almost every day. They are just so easy and obviously I haven’t gotten tired of them yet!

Weekend Getaway

This weekend is also my mother’s birthday! We decided that we needed to get away even if it’s a small vacation.

Initially, we planned on going to Amelia Island located on the east coast of the northern part of Florida. It looks gorgeous and we were so excited!

Since hurricane Irene is running along the east coast we decided it would be in our best interest to steer away from that area. I’m sure it will still be raining like crazy even if it doesn’t hit Florida directly.

Now instead, we are going  to Sarasota. My mom has always been interested in visiting there and I always wondered why because I thought there wasn’t much to do.

Since it’s her birthday she makes the decisions but I saw pictures and it looks really pretty! Anything on the west coast I love because of the beaches and the sunsets are usually beautiful.

We leave tomorrow morning so I’m off to pack and get ready. Can’t wait to get away Open-mouthed smile

I’ll catch you all tomorrow!!!



If anyone has been to Sarasota, anything you recommend I should do or see?

Where is your favorite place for a weekend getaway?