Your Higher Energy

This morning I took a yoga class and absolutely LOVED it.

A lot of times in yoga I find myself thinking about everything and anything and not necessarily focusing on the class.


However, the class I took today was completely different! I was super focused and actually put all my attention into it.

The class I took was called “Gentle Yoga”. I think the difference why I was much more into it was because the instructor talked throughout the entire class.

It wasn’t the annoying kind of talking where they are just bothersome though. She softly spoke mostly telling you to focus on your breathing and really connect with your higher energy.


Unlike other yoga classes I have taken, it was more of a stretching type of class focusing on meditation. It was perfect to stretch out my muscles and really get a chance to relax.

Although, it didn’t necessarily help that towards the end of the class I could only focus on going pee. TMI but it’s true.


After yoga we had to stop by the grocery store because I just drove back up to my mom’s and we’ have no food!

My brother is also visiting from college tonight, and he tends to eat a lot Open-mouthed smile

When we got home I was absolutely starving because I only had a small granola bar and half a banana before yoga.


I had a pita pocket with turkey, spinach, tomato, and half of a laughing cow light french onion cheese wedge. Plus carrots, pretzels, and the rest of the cheese.

It hit the spot!

Now I’m off to enjoy the LAST day of summer, I can’t believe it! Where has the time gone?

Do you like yoga?

How are you spending the last day of summer?