Feeling like a mother

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like my dog is my child. I am completely in love with him, will do anything for him, kiss him way too often, and cannot stand when he is in pain.

Actually, I’m obsessed. I don’t care what anyone thinks but I am.

Anyway, on a less creepy note, the other day I noticed a bump on his neck. Apparently he’s been scratching it to death and it’s gotten so much worse. I’ll spare you the ugly details but I pretty much freaked out and wanted to take him to the vet ASAP.

We wanted to wait it out and see if it could heal on its own for a few days while we tortured him by making him a cone head. He was not happy.

A few days passed and the boo boo still hasn’t gotten better, it’s actually gotten worse.

I freaked out a little more and insisted I take him to the vet.

So this morning I held off on my usual morning workout and took this little guy to the doc.


“Why in the world did you wake me up lady?”

I leashed him up and spoke to him in my crazy doggy voice took him bye bye car. (That’s what I tell him).


“Yay car!”


“I’m excited where are we going? Pay attention to me!”


“Alright you’re going overboard on the pictures”


“Seriously, stop.”


“Shouldn’t you be looking at the road?”


“You’re annoying, no more pictures for you”

We arrived at the vet and he sprinted inside. Little did he know where we really were. It was actually kind of weird to be back there because last time I was I had to put my other dog down, and had a terrible experience. (That can be talked about on another blog post).

Anyway, back to the vet.


“Can I have a treat? I love you!”


“WTF you didn’t tell me we were coming here?!?!”


“Now I’m depressed. Thanks a lot.”

Turns out it’s just a “hot spot” originating from a bite which he scratched out of control. He got a shot and some medication.



“Yay I love you again!”

“I know, I’m so cute”

I feel so much better when he’s not in pain, and he does too!

Now I’m off to the gym for a later-than-usual run and spin!

Tune into #Fitblog tonight at 9pm Open-mouthed smile

Do you have an animal that you feel is your baby?

Dog or cat lover?


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  1. Oh my gosh… your dog is pretty much the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen!! I want a dog so, so badly but unfortunately it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle right now… but as soon as I get an apt that allows dogs, I will be getting one.. And I’m sure I’ll be totally obsessed too 🙂

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