Heat and Seasons 52

After sleeping in and having a little breakfast:


I was itching to run. Seeing it was already about 10:30 and 98 degrees I wasn’t sure if it was such a great idea. I walked outside to see if I could stand the heat, and almost died from standing. I don’t know if I was being a baby but nooo thank you. I decided to just hit the gym and do a treadmill run.

I’m pretty used to the treadmill now since I’ve been using it when its sweltering hot outside like it was today. Since I live in Florida, it’s way too hot. Always. I had a great run though! I did some speed work and completed 5.22 miles.

I had to rush home and get ready because I was meeting my mom in Boca for a belated birthday lunch! We had reservations at Season’s 52.


I’ve been dying to try this place after I discovered it online a while back. Then seeing it all over the blog world told me that I really needed to try it. So here I was! Finalllly Smile

Let me just tell you, it’s officially my new favorite restaurant. I want to go back every holiday. (or more).

We started off with apparently they’re known for; their flatbreads. We ordered the salmon and dill sour cream flatbread, which the server recommended and was one of the specials.
















For our entrée’s my mom ordered the Roasted Artichoke-Stuffed Shrimp with wilted leaf spinach, pasta pearls, and clam cioppino sauce.


I went with the Farmer’s Market Vegetable Plate summer corn, tomato tapenade, grilled ponzu tofu and toasted almond tabbouleh.



Everything was AMAZING. Whoever hasn’t been here yet, go. Now.

We ordered some coffee to finish off our meals and then the restaurant gave us a complimentary mini indulgence! I forgot to snap a picture but we got the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse. The name says it all.

We had great service and just an over all very pleasant experience.

After lunch we jumped over to the mall to shop! I love birthdays.


MySpace status mirror picture but this is the outfit I wore out to lunch. Perfect summer outfit for this weather! My hair also looks like poop because I only had 2.63 seconds to get ready.

I also got a bunch of clothes on sale at Bloomingdales, all sale items were 50% off. If you love cute clothes for cheap(er) go check it out!

I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday night!


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