Indoor Cycling

As you can see from my workout log, I love spinning! I actually fell in love with it BEFORE I really fell in love with running. The thing is, I was always nervous to try spinning. I saw how the cyclists at the gym were getting there early, and so enthusiastic about it. You’d think that would make me feel better but it actually made me even more hesitant. A few thoughts before I tried it:

I don’t want to be the newbie!

What if I can’t do it? I hate to fail at things.

What if I can’t keep up?

Knowing me I’ll fall off the bike.

Many people may have felt or do still feel the same way, but I want to explain that it’s really something worth trying! I promise it’s not as scary as it may seem.

Positives of Spin:

  • Everyone’s there for the same reason.

Don’t be worried about if you’ll look like a fool or look silly because everyone is there to get a killer workout and seriously sweat!

  • You’re in control.

Usually the instructor gives you pointers on what resistance to use and what not however, if you want to just pedal at your own pace with your own resistance, no one can stop you! Listening to your body is very important and in this class you can do whatever your body allows.

  • You work your entire body.

Quads? Check. Hamstrings? Check. Glutes? Check. Claves? Check. Abs? Check. Arms? Check.

Yes, it is mostly your legs however, if you contract your abs the entire ride, you’re getting an ab workout without even knowing it! As for your arms, it’s not an intense arm workout but you still use your arms when you’re going into different positions so it works them a little bit.

  • It’s FUN.

The first time you try it, like any other type of exercise it can have one of two effects. You can love it, or hate it. Yes, cycling is usually challenging but that’s the fun part about it! Usually you’re in a dark room, with great music blasting and other people that are so hyped up to get their spin on that it’ll be over before you know it. During the class you are constantly changing positions, resistances, and speeds, so you get a little bit of everything without getting bored.

  • It’s the perfect way to cross-train.

No matter what your exercise goals are, it’s important to switch up your routine. Cycling is a great way to change it up and can give you that endurance 

TIPS for Beginners:

  • Get there early.

Arriving early will allow you to reserve a bike, and have time to ask the instructor to help you out with setup. Make sure to tell them you’re new and would like to know what to expect.

  • Bring water.

Just like every exercise, you need to make sure to hydrate your muscles and your body. I find myself sweating the most during spin class and I am constantly chugging water like it’s a contest.


  • Bring a towel.

Just trust me. If you sweat like Chewbacca like I do, you’ll need it.



  • Don’t be afraid of resistance.

Many people think that if they bump up the resistance, they’ll get really thick, bulky legs. I promise you, it’s the total opposite! Your legs will just get super toned!

You could end up like this guy. Just kidding! That’s actually a little scary…



– If you find that you love spinning, invest in spin shoes! They can be a little pricey (usually around $100) but if you like to go a lot, it’s worth the investment. They make a HUGE difference. You can actually feel the difference, and can really utilize your upstroke.

spin shoe

Challenge yourself! Once you get the hang of it, up your intensity & resistance. Doing so will just enhance your ride and endurance every time. Before you know it, the hardest resistance, speed, and whatever else will be a piece of cake!

Heck, you could become the next Lance Armstrong. Just don’t forget about me Winking smile


– Focus on your cadence. In other words, the number of pedal strokes you do in one minute. A lot of cycling bikes have a screen that shows you what it is. The instructor may use this and tell you what cadence you should strive for at different resistances. Obviously, higher resistance = lower cadence, and lower resistance = higher cadence. This is a really great way to push yourself and build your aerobic fitness.


Hopefully I was somewhat of a help! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’d be more than happy to chat!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day.

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People Watching

Today while I was at the gym I realized I observe EVERYONE. Yes, I’m a creepy stalker but I can’t help it. I stare at people and analyze everything about them. While in the fitness class I was taking I noticed that the people in there were all over the place. Here’s a run down of the class:

1. The women in the corner who literally stand and talk to each other over the music, over the instructor, and don’t care what people think. All while “lifting weights”.

2. The lady who screams “WOOOOO”, “OWW!”, and sings each song at the top of her lungs.

3. The little girls who take the class for the first time and don’t know the first thing about weight lifting and have terrible form.

4. The people who use 2 pounders and look like they’re going to die.

5. The one’s who look like they’d rather be run over by a car than workout.

On the other hand, the instructor didn’t even help out the people who had no idea what they were doing and she looked like she was struggling with her weights and practically bending over backwards just to lift them up. It made me super uncomfortable but I guess she knows what she is doing?

Today I had really bad luck with the weather.

I swear it was beautiful outside, until I got in the shower. I got ready and was super excited to leave as you can tell;


I step outside ready for a nice day aaaaand, this is what was going on.




AWESOME. I was a really happy camper.


I decided to turn right back inside and wait it out. The next time I tried to leave, it magically started pouring again. Seriously. Even though the weather was obviously not on my side today I got what I needed to get done in a decent amount of time.






Hot tub!


Pretty self explanatory. I hope everyone has a great night!

Do you completely analyze people or am I the only weirdo?

Do you watch so you think you can dance?

Who do you think is going to win?

My money goes on Melanie! But honestly, Marco is absolutely amazing and so is Sasha. Especially her routine tonight. It’s definitely a close call.