Weekend Recap

So I know it’s already Tuesday but I wanted to share what happened over my busy weekend.

A little background so this doesn’t get confusing, I live with my mom in West Palm Beach but also with my Dad in Plantation. I grew up in Broward and my mom moved after I graduated so that’s why I go back and forth (to see my friends). Anyway, this weekend my dad was moving from his small apartment into a bigger/nicer house. I drove down south to help out, and boy is moving a pain! However, he bought me a new kitten so that made it much more manageable!


Isn’t she a cutie? We named her Maya and she’s a 9 week old mix of a Persian and another type of cat, which I forgot. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her on the blog (along with my dog that I’m obsessed with). Yup, he’s perfect.


After moving all weekend, I drove back up to WPB Sunday afternoon to get in some birthday shopping Winking smile Yup, I’m a Leo and my birthday is in 4 days!

Once I arrived in WPB, I met my mom at Barnes and Noble to chat and wait for an appointment that we had. While waiting I sipped on a Passion Iced Tea Lemonade, so so good!


Finally it was time to head out and go to the next destination. Where did we have to go? Well turns out my mom just bought a new townhouse as well! We had to stop by our realtors’ and sign the paperwork! We found a beautiful townhouse not too far from where we live now, that is in immaculate condition. It’s two stories, 3 bedrooms with an extra one for a loft, lake view, great neighborhood, and just overall perfect. We’re super excited, but another move I have to partake in, blah. It will all be worth it though!

After our exciting afternoon, we headed over to the mall for some retail therapy. Always puts a smile on my face! We did some damage around the mall before heading home.


These are actually from JC Penny! They were on sale and I LOVE them. I was quite surprised, but I recommend it, it felt cool and perfect while running and working out.IMG_2285


Finally new running shoes! These are Brooks Adrenaline and I absolutely love them. Great support and so comfortable while running.



Random clothes from Forever 21 !







After moving all weekend and shopping all day, I was exhausted when I got home. I think I went to sleep around 10. I’m such a wild teenager, I know. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

Did anything interesting happen over your weekend?

Favorite part of your weekend?


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